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  • October

    WHY BIGWIGS BELIEVE IN ASTROLOGY? The universe is wonderfully and mysteriously synchronized. The elements of the sky have been since forever influencing those on the earth. As the tides are affected by the lunar cycles, so is the human body by the celestial objects.
  • October

    राहु अगर दसवें घर में बैठा हूं
  • October

    Many people plan their agenda as per the movement of planets and  and the transits the reason behind this is that The Astrology is a subject of moving planets in the solar system abhishek soni
  • October

    Vastu is an integrated science that combines the energy of universe and knowledge of science

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About Abhishek soni
Astrology is as serious and perfect a branch of science as Science itself. You may wonder how and why shoudl complex human behaviour be divided into the 12 signs and their various permutations and combinations. But astrology like any other science also has rules and exceptions to the rule.

Our resident astrologer- Mr Abhishek Soni has been a student of Astrology since the age of 18. Sixteen years later, he is still actively researching, studying, and using Astrology. His strong ability for lateral thinking is one of the reasons why he has the most thoughtful and wonderful insights in the field of astrology.


Astrology is as serious and perfect a branch of science as Science itself.

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