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love calculator in Astrology

Astrology And Love Are you desperate to know whether he's The One? Do you wish to locate the perfect man you could be with forever? Would you like to ensure you're not wasting your time on this man? You could had a good deal of troubled relationships, and you're dating a brand-new man. What can I inform you about it man? Can a real love calculator actually work out if he is the one for you? Or is it all just a little of fun? Here's a few details about true love programs, to help you work out if they're for...

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Mars Retrograde 2018 – astrologer abhishek soni

Mars Retrograde 2018 Slow Down Mars Retrograde During Aquarius And Capricorn 2018. MARS RETROGRADE HOROSCOPE Recharge & Rest. The celestial bodies regulate various areas of our soul and Mars in astrological conditions is our animal enthusiasm and fighting spirit. In our horoscope and natal chart the place Of mighty Mars reveals how we cope with battle and our own anger. Do we burn or explode with rage and blow over, quick to forget and forgive? Are our passions poured in the arts: poetry, dancing, making something to delight and astound? Or is our primary energy expressed through other drives, searching...

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Venus is the karaka of Love Marraige

Venus also known Shukracharya is the lord of the demons. Lord Shiva made him the lord of wealth and not only wealth Venus rules over medicines, mantra, and juices (rasas). His power is immense. Venus represents pleasure, love, sex, happiness, and desires. Venus is art, music, theatre, glamour, beauty, flower, good taste, luxuries and all material wealth. In astrology Planet Venus play a vital role in bringing in material wealth and luxuries in a natives life. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Venus looks after the profession like hotels, restaurants, resorts, theatre, music, film industry, photography, beauty parlor, jewelers, cosmetics, astrology etc. All...

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Diamond is the Gemstone for venus

Venus Astrology The Planets - Planetary Dignities - Jupiter - Uranus - Neptune - Lunar & Planetary Nodes - Chiron - Lilith - Love, balance, marriage, romance, money, beauty, inspiration, gratitude, touch, look - Day: Friday - Colors: Green, Pink - The dominance of the feminine is expressed best through Venus, the ruler of Taurus and Libra, connected to all matter and our home planet. Because of its proximity to Earth, it is regarded as the brightest of the planets into the sky, and to add to that, it is the only world named following a female figure. This places a...

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mercury is the planet of logic

Mercury goes round the Sun so quickly, it circles the Sun faster than all the other planets; the planet was called after the messenger of the Roman Gods. Mercury is quite small planet but has a great importance in astrology and in a person’s life. Mercury rules all types of communication, spoken or written. Mercury signifies speech. For good communication, Mercury should be well placed in the chart. Mercury defines thinking capability of a person. Mercury is called Buddhi in Sanskrit that is our intelligence. People with excellent oral, written, mental, and logical skills, witty, good with speaking abilities and calculative...

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Mars is the planet of Energy in Astrology

Astrology is based on heavenly bodies, which are known as planets. It is believed throughout the world that these planets have their relative impact on this world and on human beings. The planets are born direct to the Gods or they have attained immense power and position to do good or bad. Mars was born to goddess Earth. As it is known that Sun and Moon own only one sign each but all the other planets rules two signs. Mars owns Aries and Scorpio. As we know Aries being the first sign of zodiac, represents undirected energy. Mars being the ruler...

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planet Moon is the lord of the sign Cancer

Why Moon is Considered One of the Most Important Planet in Astrology? The Moon was born to sage Atri and his wife Anusuya. There are sixteen types of art and Moon is believed to have conquered them all. Lord Brahma blessed Moon with the power to rule seeds, medicines and water. Moon married twenty seven daughters of King Daksha whom we know as constellation or nakshatras. Out of all daughters Rohini was the most beautiful and Moon lived only with her which resulted in anger in other twenty six wives of moon who are sisters to Rohini. Fed up of such behaviour...

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Gajakesari raj yoga and planet jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the King of the Gods hence it is called Guru. In Astrology, Jupiter is a planet of plenty. Words that define Jupiter are knowledge and wisdom. Jupiter is considered the most benefic planet because of its nature of giving without expectations. The most outstanding yoga relating to Jupiter is known as Gajakesari Yoga. If Jupiter is in kendra of Moon this yoga is formed.The person is formidable to his opponents, intelligent and able .He occupies high status in life and is famous. Other yogas formed due to Jupiter are Hansa, Saraswati, Adhi, and sakata. Combination of Jupiter with Sun causes...

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Astrology in our Life importance benefits and purpose of guidance

Astrology in our Daily Lives Astrology in our life What is the first thing that pops in your head when you hear the world Astrology? Is it the future? A myth? An advice or something which is beyond explanation. What if I give you your complete life guide today, will you follow it step by step? Ignore it? Or try to do something just the opposite? Just like these above questions Astrology works, we don’t want to believe it but it's still we can’t ignore it’s existence. Most of you might wonder what is Astrology all about? In layman’s language, it is...

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moon in Astrology and its Details

Planet Moon Moon is the second most important planet after Sun. Moon is regarded as a planet, but in fact, Moon are a satellite of planet Earth. Astrologically, it's regarded as a Queen in the planets. Moon represents our Emotions, Happiness, Mother, Sturdiness, Fragrance, Wife, Lover, Silver, Pearl, White colour, Travels, as well as our Will power. Moon also controls the white portion of our blood. The planet Moon controls our Emotions, Will Power, Wealth, Health as well as all our thoughts. An individual having a strong Moon is strong in regard to his Will Power and Decisions, is always a...

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