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Astrological and Spiritual Significance of Tulsi Plant – The Mother of Nature and Queen of Herbs

From ancient Hindu Mythology or Vedic Puranas, the significance and importance of Tulsi or Tulasi plant( in Sanskrit) remains very auspicious  till date. Tulsi is also known as Basil and Ocimum Sanctum in English literature which bestows its best and magical results in terms of astrological, religious, remedial and even healing power in Ayurveda.

If we go back to the age of ancient Hinduism, Tulsi leaves marks its own importance and used to worship Lord Vishnu avatars in the form of Goddess Laxmi. This cultural and tradition is even followed today in modern India.

Significantly there are two types of Tulsi worshipped which is known as Rama Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi. Rama Tulsi by nature possess large leaves and Krishna Tulsi is black in nature which is also used to worship Lord Hanuman as per the Hindu Mythology.

It is planted in every house in India to keep away the evil powers or negative energy and worshipped every morning and evening for health, wealth and prosperity.

Tulsi vivah or marriage is an famous Hindus festival which  falls exactly after the 20 days of Laxmi Pujan that is Diwali where Tulsi is married to Lord Krishna eleventh day of moon or Kartik Month which also marks the end of Chaturmas period as per Vedic calendar or Panchang.

It is believe marriage fixing or ceremonies in Hindu Religion always takes places after Tulsi Vivah or marriage.

Let us try to study the Astrological and Spiritual Significance of Queen of herbs Tulsi

  1. Keeping Tulsi or holy Plant in home invites good luck, longevity and fortune, hence the mother of nature should be kept in North East direction for receiving more positive flow of energy and results.
  2. As per Vedic Astrology experts Tulsi signifies happening of events in natives’ life which can be lucky or sometimes unlucky depending how it nurtures.
  3. It leaves are used for many spiritual and astrological purposes such as  purifying Gemstones, Havans and Poojas.
  4. Tulsi is the holy plant which brings native closer to divine which means when there is Solar eclipse or Lunar Eclipse (Chandra or Surya Grahan (in Sanskrit) Tulsi leaves are used to purify the food from the impact of negative energy.
  5. Tulasi is directly related to planets such as Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Therefore watering Tulsi plant daily improves Mercury planet in the horoscope.
  6. Planting Tulsi in pots or in house corners also removes Vastu Dosh.

Medicinal and Herbal uses of Tulsi

  1. Tulsi leaves which is also know as Ocimum sanctum and O. tenuiflorum, is used as Ayurvedic herb  to cope up body stress, stamina and seasonal diseases for example during cough and cold.
  2. It is also use to cure heart diseases, high blood pressure asthma and diabetics and even infertility.
  3. It is also used as herbal powder in tea and also stored in grains to repel the insects.



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