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All About Mars (Mangal) transition in Capricorn (Makar) from May 2018 to Nov 2018

Mars or Mangal in Sanskrit or Vedic Astrology, the fire brand planet also known as the planet of commander and war in Astrology who governs anger and authority will be transiting in Capricorn or Makar Zodiac Sign on 2nd May 2018 (10:00 AM) until 6th November 2018 (08:56 AM) that is approximately 189 days (six months) as per Vedic Astrology Panchang.

This is also considered as sign of exaltation for Mars when it enters Capricorn which also means Mars will be in exaltation state or uccha as per Hindhu Mythology for six months. The impact of this transition results will surely depend upon the placement of Mars (Mangal) in Natal or Birth chart of natives for all the 12 zodiac signs accordingly.

The most interesting theory about this transition reveals Mars the Fire Planet will combine Ketu Spiritual which is already present in Capricorn. All this period of six months will denote action, perseverance achieving target goals.

It also reveals for any native period of patience, time to implement ideas, dreams and all pending achievements.

The period of this transition also needs more attention and care when Mangal will be going in reverse direction or Vakri or Retrograde.

Remember Capricorn is the sign rules by Saturn or Shani, therefore this planetary combination of Mars and Ketu in Capricorn will make the Mars more practical and focused towards the targets and all realistic goals in native’s life.

You will be materialistic, may be more selfish, chasing goals badly with paying no heed or attention to others.

But keyword is all you need to tap your long terms goals, consequences and plan your actions very calmly during all this transition.

The Dos and Don’ts during Mars (Mangal) transition in Capricorn from May 2018 to Nov 2018

  • Maintain harmony in your every relations , no matter whether it is personal or professional
  • You should learn to be patient, respect others opinions, try to practice forgive and go nature.
  • Avoid relying and making decisions on past actions for you and others.
  • Mangalik dosh natives should worship Lord Hanuman at least every Tuesday
  • Elders in family should act as guardian for young ones in family.

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