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Importance of Horoscope in Astrology

Horoscope chart which is also known as birth chart or kundali in Vedic term plays very significant role in terms of determining and revealing natives characteristics respect to each planet positions in different houses.

Your horoscope requires person’s date of birth, exact time zone and exact location for complete report.

Complete astrological report reveals exact placement of planets in respective houses , astrologer can analyze different positive or malefic results of planets in present , their relations and aspect with each other , nature and their roles in terms of  future course of events.

Your horoscope is the mathematical calculations of different planetary positions, related to the motion of earth or universal energy.

It determines the human characteristic through revealing zodiac sign(rashi or moon sign nakshatra and lord, lagna chart,beneficiary or malefic planets , lucky dates, numbers and some generalize predictions ,gemstones and  remedies.

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