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Importance of Shani Amavasya on 17/03/2018

The role of planet, Lord Shani (in Sanskrit) or Saturn is very critical and important in any native’s horoscope. Lord of Aquarius and Capricorn sign, no doubt Lord Shani is considered as teacher which teaches true lessons of life, judge, discipline and most significant the master of our karma, tasks or deeds.

Today we will discuss the importance or Shani Amavasya also known as no moon day which will be celebrated on Saturdays that is 17/03/2018 and 11/08/2018 according to Hindu panchang or calendar.

Presently as per Vedic panchang and planetary positions natives zodiac signs (rashi) of Scorpio (Vrischikar), Dhanu ( Sagittarius) and Markar( Capricorn) are going through phase of Shani Sadesati whereas native zodiac signs of Vrishaba (Taurus)  and Kanya (Virgo) rashi are going through phase of Shani dhaiya.

The natives of this particular zodiac signs suffering such periods of Shani Antardasha, Shani dhaiya or Shani Sadesati in horoscope or kundali should always worship Lord Shani (Saturn) during Shani Amavasya.  This will surely help natives to minimise and remove the negative or malefic effects or Shani dosh  in their horoscope.

This will also help the persons to overcome critical illness, untimely death (mrutya kal,), financial problems, problems in jobs or losing jobs, ( also known as karma ), conflicts in marriage, conflicts among family members, pritra dosh, kalsarpa dosh ,accidents and many more.

Reciting Shani Mantra, Shani Kawach , Shani Strotram, Shani Chalisa are the some of the important pujas or remedies which can be done by the natives. Visiting nearby Lord Shani temple is itself is the boon. Even people can worship Lord Hanuman to remove negative effects of Saturn in kundali.

Important Lord Shani temples in India includes, Shani Shinganapur , near Pune Maharashtra, Shri Shani Temple Titwala, Thane,Shani Devalayam Deonar Mumbai,Yerdanur Shani Temple ,Telgnana , and Sanesswar Bhagwan temple in Tamilnadu.



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