Numerology – The Magic of Numbers in Astrology

Numerology deals with study of different numbers in mystical manner to understand how it can be used to gain better insight and essence of your personality traits .

Significantly study of numerology relflects and helps us to understand a better understanding of native’s tendency, nature, habits and moreover integral part of cosmic energy.

Each number has its’s own significance in numerology which directly deals with flow of cosmic energy in native’s horoscope in terms of astrology. Indeed astrology is not complete without numerology. Each number has its own impact and magical features, thus impacting way of living and life.

Numerology plays very important role in Astrology as these experts use the numbers to determine best time in life , number compatibility for horoscope matching, right day for investments or start auspicious   work , changing jobs, marriage dates , purchasing properties , inauguration of new shops and many more throughout life.

In Astrology numbers have their own significance for example correct birth date, time and place determines correct reading and preparation of native’s horoscope.  Let us try to study how different numbers means and govern in astrology from the following table.

Number Polarity Element Relationship Ruled By Planet
0 Pluto
1 Positive Fire Sun
2 Negative Water Moon
3 Positive Air Jupiter
4 Negative Earth Uranus
5 Positive Air Mercury
6 Negative Air Venus
7 Positive Water Neptune
8 Negative Earth Saturn
9 Positive Fire Mars

In coming articles we will discuss the different numbers and their magical significance in native’s life.

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