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Planetary Positions in March 2018


Planetary positions which is also called as Grah Chal or Grah Gochar is the important aspect in astrology and in any horoscope. Important events, auspicious dates, festivals, child-birth factors, horoscope making and many more things are decided based on present planetary positions.

The present planetary positions signifies which planet is moving into which house and which directions. The important question is how planets impacts different horoscope signs (good or bad effect) throughout its journey.

According to Hindu Vedic panchang or calendar at present Sun or Surya the planet of pride, is in Aquarius sign which will enter in Pisces starting midnight of 14/03/2018.

Mangal or Mars the planet of fire is in Sagittarius    sign from 7th March 2018.  Budh or Mercury enters Aquarius sign and will remain till 22/03/18 and then enters Meen or Pisces sign on 23/03/2018 and retrograde.

Guru or Jupiter is in Tula or Libra sign and retrograded from 09/03/2018. The planet of luxury that is Shukra or Venus is in Pisces sign and enters Aries sign on 27/03/2018.

The positions of planet Saturn or Shani remains static in Dhanu or Sagittarius sign. Infact the position of Rahu and Ketu too remains constant that is Rahu in Karka or Cancer sign whereas Ketu will remain in Makara or Capricorn sign.



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