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The Role of Jupiter or Dev Guru Brihaspati in Astrology

The name itself signifies the importance of Guru or teacher in native’s horoscope and astrology. It is also considered one of the largest planet within the solar system. Other most significant name is Dev Guru Brihaspati’.

Jupiter represents gold, knowledge, education, son, teacher, wisdom, protector, growth and expansion, guardian of abstract mind , writers, speakers, religions ,expressions, philosophy ,spiritual thought, learning and development, long distance travel, ethical and moral values, judge and jury, sports and so on.

Approximately Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the zodiac and most importantly it grace the lordship of Sagittarius and Pisces, that is Ninth and Twelfth Houses.

The lord guru Brihaspati signifies the day Thursday, yellow color and rules number 3 in terms of astrology. It rules the Punarvasu, Vishaka, Poorva Bhadrapada nakshrtras. The friendly planets of Jupiter includes Sun, Moon and Mars, whereas enemy planets signifies mercury and venus.

Thus well placed Jupiter in natives horoscope signifies good, honest, and religious, god fearing, and wise charitable, rich, lady luck, logical, advisers having peaceful temperaments. On the other hand if afflicted or placed in enemy sign the native may become or suffer from too liberal, carefree, lethargic, spendthrift, undisciplined and revolutionary nature.

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