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Mercury is the planet of communication and logic

Mercury is the smallest yet one of the most important planet in astrology as it has a major role in the our lives.Since Mercury was born to the great legendery Moon and Jupiter,it is blessed with two qualities of imagination and wisdom.Mercury stands for speech,debate,logical confrontation,new ideas,putting the plans perfectly and many other qualities.

Mercury is the Lord of two Zodiac signs namely Gemini and Virgo.Both these signs are dual in nature.Mercury is exalted in Virgo whereas it is debilitated Pisces.

Mercury is a planet of communication and it represents fields like commerce, accounts,banking and computers so people who are having strong mercury in their chart are very good in communication,they are good speakers,thinkers and writers.They can be publisher physician,mathematician,poet,consultant,in financial sector,digital marketing and banking and insurance as well.

A well placed mercury makes person witty,talkative, skilful and intelligent.Strong mercury people are good at making quick and rational decisions by applying logic.Mercury makes person knowledgeable who have solutions for many problems when other fails.This planet gives thinking capacity in a person

Mercury develops tendency of restlessness and being always in motion. Transportation, short trips, visit to friends, all come under this planet.

Ill placed Mercury provides lack of good communication skills.The person would be having lesser computation skills. He would be weak in mathematics and calculations. He could be much hasty and would not have very less patience.A bad mercury will make person dumb and indesicive. Its negative impact includes lack of judgment, poor reasoning and analytical ability, lack of intellect, problems in education, frequent sorrows and worries, stress, speech related disorders, argumentative behaviour.

Mercury rules the nervous system,bowels,arms, mouth, tongue, eyesight and ears. The ill-placed mercury may cause nervousness, sciatica, mental disorders, diarrhea, and ulcers.

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