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Mercury Retrograde and its Impact in Astrology


mercury astrology  is very important in all the planetary energies and moves happening in our cosmos, also the Mercury Retrograde is one which everybody must know about. Understanding how germ works and why this retrograde and direct movement is very important and the way it affects us is a huge help for all of us. In very simple terms so as to not bore the non astrologers, I want to explain why you need to know about it retrograde and guide movement and mark it on your calendar. Mercury is the planet that governs communication, the Mind and Perception when it’s retrograde and direct movement, there could be marked problems in any of these areas.

Don’t sign any contract during this retrograde. Don’t begin a business or make any big purchases, wait out this period. Oddly enough, we might become unsettled during this quiet period and attempt to start more projects than usual. What’s Mercury Retrograde Good For? Whilst new jobs are ill advised, this interval is excellent for ongoing projects already started, for carrying on your normal jobs and using time for research. For these carrying a lot of unprocessed psychological baggage, this is when it’ll always come up within your mind to be completely processed. Whilst this may be arduous if you get it done for the entire retrograde and direct movement, it is temporary, and once Mercury turns guide again, you will once more be making forward momentum.

Interestingly, if you’re starting a brand new project that’s ongoing from something you’ve started or established earlier, there’ll be no marked affect. Anything to do with a continuation of an existing energy must be okay. Throwing a party or celebration during this retrograde and direct motion can be a more quiet, subdued affair, and this would apply to a holiday away also. When Is Mercury Retrograde and for How Long? This phenomenon occurs because, relative to our place on Earth, the planet Mercury seems to be going backwards in it is path. No planet can in fact go backwards, but from our viewpoint, Mercury does indeed move backward and can even more back into a house it’s just moved through already.

Each retrograde and direct motion lasts approximately 3 weeks and we’ve roughly 3 of those retrogrades every year. The dates for retrogrades: 2017 – Apr 9 – May 3 – August 12 – Sept 5 – December 3 – December 22 – 2018 – March 22 – Apr 15 – July 25 – August 18 – Nov 16 – December 6 – For a few days after and before the retrograde and direct motion, you can feel also the energies either heading into or out from the slowdown. Be cautious on nowadays also for miscommunications or technical problems and patience can be needed. Tip: Bookmark this page so that you can check when also the next retrograde and direct motion will be.

Who Knows About Retrogrades? You may be surprised to learn that most of big business, ie big companies and businesses, hire and on a regular basis consult astrologers.




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