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moon in Astrology and its Details

Planet Moon
Moon is the second most important planet after Sun. Moon is regarded as a planet, but in fact, Moon are a satellite of planet Earth. Astrologically, it’s regarded as a Queen in the planets. Moon represents our Emotions, Happiness, Mother, Sturdiness, Fragrance, Wife, Lover, Silver, Pearl, White colour, Travels, as well as our Will power. Moon also controls the white portion of our blood. The planet Moon controls our Emotions, Will Power, Wealth, Health as well as all our thoughts. An individual having a strong Moon is strong in regard to his Will Power and Decisions, is always a Positive thinker and never falls prey to negative states of mind like Depression.

An individual with a weak Moon may suffer from diseases of Chest, lung infections, tuberculosis, blood related problems, mental problems as well as depression and diseases related to digestion like diarrhea, dysentery, etc. And on the other hand, an individual having an afflicted Moon his horoscope is always prone to contain negative thoughts in his Mind, he is unable to adjust even with his close friends and family members and is never able to achieve success in his life that is full of miseries due to his own deeds resulting out of a Weak\/ Afflicted Moon. BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT PLANET – MOON – Lord of Nakshatra – Rohini, Hasta and Shravana – Duration in Each Rashi – 2.25 days – Lord of Rashi – Cancer – Exalted in – Taurus – Debilitated in – Scorpio – Day – Monday – Gender – Female – Friendly Planets – Sun & Mercury – Neutral Planet – Mars, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn – Enemy Planets – Rahu – Direction – North West – Color – White, Sea Green, Silver – Metal – Silver – Gem – Pearl, Moon Stone – Element – Water – Period of Maha Dasha – 10 years – Diety – Lord Shiva – Season – Rainy August – Sept – Vedas Mantra – Om Som Somaya Namah – Beej Mantra – Om Shraang Shreung Shraung Sah Chandramase Namah – 1100 times – Articles of Donation – Rice, Ghee, White conch, Sugar, White flowers, White fabric, Silver, Curd, Pearl, Camphor – Remedies of Moon as per Vedas Astrology – CLICK HERE – Remedies of Moon as per Lal Kitab – CLICK HERE – EFFECTS OF A POWERFUL MOON – When Moon is beneficial, it gives high position to public life, Good Family life, Courtesy, Amiable Nature, Easy going and pleasant personality, Timidness, Magnetism, Desire for wealth and worldly things, Interest for psychic subjects and taste for all tasty fruits. EFFECTS OF A WEAK MOON – When Moon is afflicted, it can make the native unfortunate, sick in infancy and old age, deformed, impulsive, over anxious, indecisive, rash, depressed, pessimistic. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE – Moon gives the native corpulent body, White complexion, Lovely Eyes, Black and Thin hair, tender speech and mild temper.

moon in astrology

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