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mercury is the planet of logic


Mercury goes round the Sun so quickly, it circles the Sun faster than all the other planets; the planet was called after the messenger of the Roman Gods. Mercury is quite small planet but has a great importance in astrology and in a person’s life. Mercury rules all types of communication, spoken or written. Mercury signifies speech. For good communication, Mercury should be well placed in the chart. Mercury defines thinking capability of a person. Mercury is called Buddhi in Sanskrit that is our intelligence.

People with excellent oral, written, mental, and logical skills, witty, good with speaking abilities and calculative skills, it is because o f Mercury. Person having profession as authors, teachers, businessmen, media persons, lawyers, accountants, software engineers, astrologers, diplomats is because of benefic placement of Mercury. Mercury makes you poet, mathematician, gives you banking or clerical jobs. Afflicted Mercury will make the person clever, cunning and mischievous. Mercury people are attractive with good physical features.

Mercury is friend with Sun, Venus, Rahu, enemy with Moon and Ketu and neutral with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Its constellations are Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revati. Mercury is exalted in Virgo at 15 degree and debilitated in Pisces at 15 degree. The color associated with Mercury is green. Mercury and Jupiter are strong in the eastern direction i.e. it gets directional strength in the first house of the chart. He invariably promotes fame, strength and prosperity if he be in the rising sign.

To make money stay, one need to improve their Mercury; otherwise bad Mercury will cause money to get spent very quickly. Person may suffers from fever  due to bad Mercury. At workplace colleagues will not favour you. Skin problems will always be there. Throat will always be problematic. Kids may be short. Such people change their line of work many times, despite being smart.




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