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Vaastu Shashtra and its Use

Vaastu is the core wisdom responsible for the entire Universal abundance within and around us. Vaastu is a art and science by which our body and the world of living and non living things are manifested. It is a subject which influences all the events of our life. Vaastu is a science of architecture and buildings which makes a place compatible to live and work in a scientific way for enhancing wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. To get the optimum results one must have a clear perspective towards Vaastu. Vaastu is vast science so to understand the depth of subject one has to get involved in factors governing Vaastu phenomena.

Vaastu is basically a Sanskrit word means dwelling or house. It is based on five elements- Air, Water, Fire, Space, and Earth. Today people have a lot of doubts regarding Vaastu, they consider it unscientific but it is purely based on science and it is old as Vedic period.For a house to become a home, it needs to radiate the right kind of energy. A person living in a house comes under the influence of a specific energy which influences the person in so many ways. Therefore it is important to understand the effect of Vaastu of our home on our lives.

Here are some benefits of following Vaastu Shastra to attain a healthy and prosperous life:

· Attracts more wealth

· Creates financial security

· Generates new opportunities

· Strengthens relationships

· Brings joy and happiness

· Generates positivity

Today our vision about Vaastu is incomplete. It is centered on building, working place, magnetic directions, and surroundings, shape of a building, shape of plot and placement of all non living things. For positive and satisfactory results in life, only focusing on non-living objects is an incomplete approach. Vaastu is nothing but the art of performing best in all favorable and un-favorable situation of life. So it is you and your performance which is the most important ingredient in Vaastu phenomena.



Vastu and Vastu Shastra – Magic of Directions and Elements of Nature

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