April 2019

sun news in astrology 

sun news in astrology  Sun performs Soul,  Personality, Government, Authority, Career, Ego, Self Admire, Health, etc. Mercury performs communication skills, marketing, calculative competence, hobbies, intelligence, youthfulness, etc. Rahu performs Confusion, Foreign Things, any type of excitement, Wealth, Success, Obsession, etc. sun news in astrology  Rahu also blows things out of dimensions. This is one more …

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out of love and Venus in the 12 house 

out of love and Venus in the 12 house Debilitated, Venus arranged in the 12th house of a horoscope can absolve the native with good conclusions related to profession, finances, health, honour, marriage, spiritual improvement and many other types of good results. Respectively the natives under the effect of this benefit impact may experience some of …

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