Mars and Venus in conjunction (Gemini) in 11th house and Ketu in 7th house.

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Mars and Venus in conjunction (Gemini) in 11th house and Ketu in 7th house.

Jupiter in Cancer or Gemini gives raja yoga in the start and harm in the long run. These planets can’t give fantastic outcomes. Also, inspect the aspects they form with different planets in your chart. Here the Sun has a distinctive function to play. It rules the vital fluid in the body.

The men and women you work around probably relish your company since you’re good at minding your small business and ensuring men and women are comfortable. You probably draw in partners and superior times easily. A lot of the friends could be quite wealthy and will supply the native with all the required aid. When you get comfortable around someone, you can be an amazing friend, though. You’re a dependable friend and you always wind up taking care of the folks around you. and will frequently feel abandoned. And in case you have an old soul sometimes you’ll wind up saying things that come out as though you’re a gaurdian of your buddies.

Not matter how many people that you work around, However, there are specific combination in the 2H which isn’t conducive for good savings. Conjunction of both of these planets especially in connection with the 7th house gives problem.

Remainder of the placements are negative. Remainder of the placements is negative. They’ll be critical to others if they’re already in higher position. This is general viewpoint. At precisely the same time you become hurt rather easily and it s not unusual for those who are aloof and cool to be quite attracted to you as you seem as if you’re holding a secret, but they’re bad at interacting with you on a deeper level the manner in which you require. Having said this, the degree of its blessings and its protection fluctuates depending on the Lagna of birth.

These matters are traditionally related to the Eighth House. it’s a recognized fact that Mars causes increased evil than every other planet. It’s a full-fledged malefic here. You’re much less emotionally supportive as other folks might be, but you can be quite motivational since you know ways to get through to people. You don’t permit the people that you care about give up.

This is simply a rule of thumb. Additionally, it has been assigned Maraka powers and its connection with 2nd house can be particularly harmful in regard to health. For successful marriage, it’s quite important to assess the ability of Mars and Venus they increase the high level of love making.

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