Does The Planet Rahu Affect People's Life?

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Does The Planet Rahu Affect People’s Life?

Rahu has no sign rulerships, although it is said to favour Mercury and Jupiter‘s signs according to some, while others claim that Rahu favours the sign of Aquarius. Rahu means to conceal, engulf or hide in Sanskrit. Rahu purely is Graha of the world of material and worldly desire. Rahu is a karaka of fame, greed, intelligence, manipulation, foreign people or things.

Rahu In First House :

The first house interprets self, the native is also terribly self-centric to succeed in the highest position in life. The native is Associate in Nursing skilled within the art of obtaining things done by mistreatment others. Rahu aspects the fifth, 7th, and ninth homes. fifth home is for love, seventh house lady and ninth for luck and destiny. The natives can realize several partners in life. Well placed Rahu within the initial house can build the person an honest planner materializing new ideas. He can stand out. modern Rahu may be a visionary, enterprise and out-of-box thinker.

Rahu In Second House :

Accumulated wealth, family, speech, a continuance of married life, social rank, dangerous habits describe the second house. artistic activities like writing, poetry, and singing are seen during this house. within the second Hindu deity offers wealth, however solely once the age of thirty-four. Hindu deity within the second house makes the native an infatuated speaker yet as a harsh speaker. He is also self-important and a liar; he speaks sick of others and gets into arguments simply. He can suffer from the sickness of the mouth or the face. These individuals move out of the house at An early age, or they move to a far off land, as Hindu deity in second, 4th, ninth and twelfth house take an individual to foreign lands.

Rahu In Third House:

Rahu within the third home is excellent to accumulate material conveniences, physical comforts, wealth, children, and an honest spouse equivalent. These individuals area unit terribly sharp, have a restless mind, inclined to spiritualism or higher academic disciplines, crosses social boundaries to earn privilege & respect.

Rahu In Fourth House:

Rahu could be a master of fraud. Hindu deity could be a malign planet, fourth home is the homely and peace-seeking house. it’s a house of Moon and Cancer that is that the enemy planet & Rashi of Hindu deity. Hindu deity within the fourth home is smart or dangerous depends on if it’s alone or with different planets, what reasonably side it’s receiving, United Nations agency is that the investor of the fourth house, etc. Hindu deity suggests that uncommon, sudden, dramatic, risk-lover and ambition. therefore currently Rahu’s character can subsume the options of the fourth house – parenting, property possession, ancestral lands. Conditions of the parenting area unit usually uncommon, ambitious, and overleap typical boundaries. Hindu deity likes to swellhead the items during a lavish approach.

Rahu Is In Fifth House:

Rahu within the fifth house makes an individual Associate in Nursing skilled in speculation and he may be an undefeated stock-broker. It tells one thing uncommon regarding issue sort of a fertility drawback, surrogate birth, foreign adoption; sudden-unexpected maternity, or no maternity. Hindu deity in a very Rashi of Shani might deny kids entirely. kids might arrive beneath the circumstances of illegitimacy, business adoption, or another uncommon technique within the Rashi of Budha. solely the bhava lord will confirm whether or not natives will raise these kids or the youngsters are raised by others. there’ll perpetually be one thing uncommon within the circumstances of conceiving the primary kid. Hollywood star Angelina Jolie UN agency has adopted several kids around the world has her Hindu deity in fifth. Such persons terribly simply perceive the lower levels of society.

Rahu Is In Sixth House:

Rahu within the sixth House Drishti to ten, 12, and a couple of amplifies the results of this house. sixth Hindu deity provides the person with an excellent want to serve others with their things. Hindu deity provides astonishingly positive material ends up in the sixth house. However, this ‘positive result’ can typically return from a contentious, exploitive, and socially un harmonious setting as is that the nature of Hindu deity. an individual can crave to assist others whereas still being used in his own condition. It provides the need to interact in arguments significantly in accusations, litigation, criminal matters. These individuals square measure terribly clever with getting loans and debts typically through falsification.

Rahu Is In Seventh House:

Rahu within the seventh house makes obsession with relationships and partnerships; relationships can dominate life. Most of the days they’ll feel loser in these relationships, particularly long partnerships and business. This chaos can lead them to go looking for a self and peace in life and in reverse, they’ll become a lot of centred on keeping their relations.

Rahu Is In Eighth House:

The eighth home is sometimes involved with Saturn and Mars, Rahu is enemy with these planets, therefore, this is often Associate in Nursing adverse placement. eighth home is associated with sharp and hidden events and Rahu itself is explosive planets, Rahu within the eighth house guarantees loads of action each positive and negative. If Rahu includes a co-partner within the eighth house then the house owned by that planet and planet also will expertise quite an action. as an example, Rahu with Moon within the eighth house will certainly result in mental issues. If Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio or Pisces square measure one among the signs in the eighth house, the native must be terribly careful. dangerous placement of Rahu might even result in an inclination of importation, kidnapping, flesh-trade, and alternative crimes. Rahu could be a shadow planet, that’s why alone Rahu is often sensible in any house creates less damage, however, it provides a lot of sharp and stunning results once it’s in conjunction with any solid planet like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn.

Rahu Is In Ninth House:

Overall, Hindu deity within the ninth house indicates cravings for faith and better data and world power once the age of cardinal. Hindu deity within the ninth house alone isn’t terribly effective and not the least bit with Sun, Moon, Mars, or Saturn. though it should be fruitful with Venus, Jupiter or Mercury, or having some useful facet from ninth house lord.

Rahu Is In Tenth House:

Prominent personalities like Dr Zakir Husain, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Muhammad Rafi, Shahrukh Khan, has their Hindu deity in the tenth house.

The 10th Hindu deity could be a smart placement. offers a powerful want to induce out into the globe. Work could involve foreigners, outsiders, migratory. Police, railway, insurance, bank. It doesn’t tolerate hindrances. As we all know Hindu deity could be a charming planet, it will produce to the person on the far side his credentials.

Rahu Is In Eleventh House:

 The eleventh house represents gain or financial gain, education, quality of your friend circle or social circle, wealth matters, additionally govern stepchildren, foster youngsters and adopted youngsters. Rahu within the eleventh house offers significant stress through connecting with folks that share similar interests regarding friends, social teams and organizations. The natives can win happiness, facilitate from these connections each materially and showing emotion. The natives can have moneyed, powerful, and important friends. At constant time natives ought to mind enemies within the variety of friends, possibilities of obtaining betrayed, backstab, sound off through them.

Rahu Is In Twelfth House:

Rahu within the twelfth house offers the chance of earning through unfair suggests that or illegal-immoral activities because the natives would like for extra money. this could additionally lead him to imprisonment or penalization, however, Rahu alone doesn’t do imprisonment, or penalization unless in the middle of some malign or aspected by them. sturdy possibilities of native work with foreigners and foreign lands. He might be a member of associate degree organization, work as a nurse, doctor or a career in a scientific discipline, spirituality. twelfth Rahu typically ends up in joblessness, job discontentedness, unstable job state of affairs, and monetary crunch.

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