What Does Your Planet Say About Your Health?

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What Does Your Planet Say About Your Health?


In medical star divination or astrology, all the planets represent some or the opposite a part of your body. throughout the Dasha of planet the unfavorable transit, the native needs to suffer from the health complications within the part that’s described by the earth in question. Let’s take a glance at body elements and diseases associated with completely different planets.


Sun is taken into account to be the karaka of bones. It rules the abdomen, right eye, heart, skin, head, and joints. throughout the Dasha of Sun, the native needs to suffer from issues connected to the body elements dominated by it. A weak Sun includes a tendency to offer health complications associated with the body elements it rules. The native may also suffer from high fever, mental diseases and relapse of previous diseases throughout the Dasha and Antardasha of Sun.


Moon is taken into account to be the karaka of mind and heart. It rules the Heart, lungs, left eye, breast, brain, blood, body fluids, tube feeding, intestinal, urinary organ and bodily fluid duct. Afflicted Moon will cause temporary state, lack of intelligence, asthma, and blood connected issues. issues associated with the polygenic disease, catamenia, appendix, respiratory organ disorders, cough, and regurgitation also are caused due to weak Moon.

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Blood, marrow, energy, neck, veins, genitals, neck, red blood cells, Anal, feminine organs and body energy levels come back beneath the spot of Mars. Afflicted Mars offers issues associated with the karaka parts. excluding these, brain disorders, injuries, toxicity, painful eyes, itching, blood coagulation, females venereal diseases, weak bones, tumours, piles, blisters, knee issues etc are caused because of weak Mars.


Mercury is that the karaka of the chest, system, skin, navel, nose, gall bladder, nerves, lungs, tongue, arms, face, and hair. Afflicted Mercury offers issues associated with its karaka parts. It additionally offer issues associated with muscle and chests on being feeble placed within the horoscope. because of afflicted Mercury, the native can also have to be compelled to suffer from infectious disease, madness, paralysis, seizure, ulcers, cholera, dizziness, etc.


Jupiter is that the karaka of thighs, fat, brain, liver, kidneys, lungs, ears, tongue, memory, spleen, etc. Afflicted Jupiter within the horoscope offers health complications associated with its karaka parts. A weak Jupiter may also offer diseases associated with ear, diabetes, tongue, memory, and exocrine gland. Jupiter plays a half in giving the polygenic disease to the native.


Venus is that the karaka of Face, light eyes, genitals, urine, semen, body, shine and lustre, throat, and glands. The native could have to be compelled to suffer from connected diseases throughout Venus’s Dasha and Antardasha. Venus is additionally the Karak of vision. Thus, afflicted Venus offers eye disorders too. venereal diseases, diseases of the throat, body glitter loss, impotence, fever, gonorrhea, syphilis, rheumatism, blood loss, etc. are caused because of weak Venus.


Saturn is that the karaka of Joint bones, legs, meat, muscles, organs, teeth, skin, hair, ears, knee, etc. Afflicted Saturn within the horoscope offers health complications associated with its karaka components. Physical weakness, muscle weakness, abdomen pain, to be organ injury, to an unwellness of the skin and feet, joints pain, blindness, hair be rugged, have mental considerations, to dysfunction, hearing impairment is caused because of weak Saturn.


Rahu is the karaka of legs, breathing, neck, lungs, etc. Afflicted Rahu offers issues associated with respiration, lungs, ulcer, legs, etc. it also can cause cataracts, blisters, stammer, spleen, etc. Cancer is additionally caused because of Rahu.


Ketu is the karaka of the abdomen and claws. It additionally offers diseases associated with lungs, fever, etc. Insects within the gut, ear issues, eye disorders, abdomen pain, physical weakness, brain disorders, etc. also are caused because of afflicted Ketu. Ketu additionally offers mysterious diseases whose root cause can not be determined.

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