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Rudraksha Ratna

Rudraksha Ratna – Spiritual Power

Before you choose a Rudraksha Ratna, make sure that you know what they are. They are believed to have magical powers and are often referred to as “medicines of the gods.” They are also considered to be the original form of meditation and yoga. Rudraksha Ratna

They were traditionally worn by both male and female monks and priests from North India and were worn by black African slaves and white Indian women. After being worn by Indians they were mostly worn by Caucasians until the nineteenth century.

A Rudraksha Ratna is a single bead that represents one point of the Hindu astral energy. When wearing one of these beads, it is believed that it will bring them good luck and prosperity. There are many different types of beads that a Rudraksha Ratna can represent, but the most popular ones are usually represented by the Bodhisattva. Rudraksha Ratna

The Bodhisattva is an integral part of Hinduism. They have been revered for thousands of years ago and were said to be very benevolent. You might be familiar with them by their Buddhist equivalent, the Buddha or Bodhisattva. Rudraksha Ratna

One of the most famous examples of a Bodhisattva is the Buddha. He is seen wearing a different coloured symbol which represents the many colours of the rainbow. His hands represent his enlightenment, and his feet represent his efforts to help others.

In North India, these beads are worn by both men and women, and the beads symbolize various things. Traditionally, they were worn as a protective measure against evil spirits and other supernatural beings. They were also thought to bring good fortune to those who wore them. Rudraksha Ratna

The symbol for the Bodhisattva has two hands that are dark eyes, and the word “Rudra” means sun. In North India, these beads are typically worn by men, and women are not really allowed to wear them. It is believed that women are incapable of handling the delicate nature of the beads. Rudraksha Ratna

They are worn by many different religions and cultures all over the world. This makes them popular with anyone that is looking for some sort of protection or luck. It’s important to remember that many cultures do not believe in the power of these beads, so you should check with your religious leader before wearing them. Rudraksha Ratna

Some people may not like the fact that the symbols are symbols. Some people say that they are offensive, and are not a good idea. Although some people find it to be offensive, it is believed that these symbols are very meaningful to those who wear them. Rudraksha Ratna

These symbols can also bring about the end of the world if they are seen in your vision. Many think that if they wear these symbols, it is bad luck and may bring disaster upon themselves. However, many cultures believe that the symbols are very meaningful and are an important part of the tradition. Rudraksha Ratna

If you decide to wear one of these beads, you should also take care of them so that they can also bring about the good. There are special candles that you should use to keep them lit at night, and also make sure that you have a box where you store them after each day of wearing one. It is also important to remove the beads after a day because of the spiritual nature of the beads. Rudraksha Ratna

Rishis and mystics wore these beads for hundreds of years before they were given to others. When you wear one of these symbols, be sure to do your best to preserve them, because they could be passed down through the generations for many years to come.

online astrologer

How to Find an Online Astrologer

online astrologer  Do you know how to find an online astrologer? There are several ways that you can go about doing this. You can search the internet for people who claim to be able to provide readings, but there is no way that you will ever find a professional and legitimate astrologer with an online profile that can provide a reading without any charges.online astrologer

If you want to find an astrologer that will give you a reading for free, you can do a simple search on Google or Yahoo and type in “free astrology readings” to find all of the websites that are claiming to offer readings for free.

Once you have found a few websites that claim to be offering free astrology readings, you need to make sure that the person that you are getting the reading from is a reputable online astrologer. online astrologer

Many of these websites are not affiliated with each other and they are not ready to conduct astrological readings so you will want to check out the background of the person that you are getting the reading from before signing up for anything.

In addition to doing your research on the internet, you will also want to ask around in your area about which local astrologers offer free astrology readings. People who are searching for reading should contact several astrologers and get a number of readings to compare the results that are provided by each astrologer.

If you do not have the time to meet with several astrologers, you can always choose a personal astrologer to talk to. As long as the astrologer has a website, you can then go online and request a reading. You should feel comfortable enough to get a reading from the person and this means that you should feel comfortable enough to do business with the person.

It is important to remember that if you are getting free astrology readings, you will be providing the astrologer with information about yourself. It is also important to remember that the free astrology readings are only given for entertainment purposes.

The astrologer has all of the information that you provide them so it is their job to find information for you that will help you make decisions that will improve your life. The astrologer is not out to find information for themselves or to sell you any product. They are there to provide you with the information that you are looking for.

Keep in mind that if you choose to receive free astrology readings, you will also need to remember that astrology readings can be very accurate and if you are not satisfied with the results, you can cancel the reading. Also keep in mind that astrology readings are never meant to diagnose problems, only to present information that will benefit you. online astrologer

Before you begin getting astrology readings, you should not rely on the astrologer to tell you what the future holds. This means that if you are not comfortable with the idea of having astrology readings, it is important to find someone else who is. online astrologer

If you do want astrology readings, make sure that you do your homework before choosing the person to do the reading for you. You should know the basics about astrology so that you know what questions to ask when the astrologer does present readings. online astrologer

Before getting a reading, you should also make sure that you are comfortable with the person who is giving the reading. While astrology is a belief, it is not necessary for you to believe in astrology if you do not feel comfortable with the person giving the reading. online astrologer

If you are looking for a reading, you should also know what questions to ask. This means that you should find someone who you feel comfortable with asking questions about their personal life and make sure that the person is not trying to sell you any products or services.online astrologer

The best way to find an astrologer is to ask others who have had astrology readings done and find a person that you feel comfortable with asking questions about astrology. You can also read reviews online to find others who have had astrology readings done and find an astrologer that you feel comfortable with asking questions about their personal life. online astrologer

1 mukhi rudraksha

The Importance of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Meditation

1 Mukhi Rudraksha is an important part of this ancient system of meditation. It is also a way to enhance mental clarity. This article describes the benefits of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha meditation.

Mukhi or chakra refers to a combination of energy centres in the brain. The brain performs various functions that include decision making, sensory perception, language, emotional processing, and memory.1 Mukhi Rudraksha

A chakra is a fusion of sub-neurons connected to each other by fibres called axons. The core idea behind meditation is that a particular chakra may be damaged or dysfunctional and a person may suffer from behavioural disorders. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

Chakra meditations are used to promote harmony and calm and to improve the overall health of the person.

At the time of meditation, the mind is quieted down and a stream of thoughts is effectively pushed away. These thoughts can often be too noisy and complex to process. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

In order to fully engage the mind, it is necessary to reduce mental activity. The Hindu tradition has many forms of meditation. These can be divided into three main categories – Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Mudra Yoga.

Mukhi meditation is done by making use of a central point. Often, a stone is placed there and the entire meditating community is requested to pray to the stone. This prayer is supposed to help clear any karmic remnants and uncluttered thought patterns.

When making use of much meditation, a position is essential. The meditator should lie flat on his back with eyes closed. The back of the neck should be in a relaxed state. He should relax and be able to feel the heart and lungs.

While the back is relaxed, the hands should be placed palms down on the chest, resting on the navel or the lower abdomen. A feeling of deep relaxation is felt and the mind is encouraged to relax. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

Certain parts of the body may be harmed by the accumulated accumulations of tension. In some cases, a rope may be tied around the leg so that it does not become injured. Even a slight injury in a nerve, if the injury does not get serious, can cause the production of anxiety and mental disturbances.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha aids in preventing any harm to the physical body. It allows the mind to experience the benefits of meditation while maintaining the physical body. This helps to keep the mind at peace and thus prevents mental stress.

The physical and mental power of the individual can be increased. In fact, Mukhi meditation is a great exercise for this end. One of the major benefits of Mukhi meditation is the enhancement of one’s spiritual growth.

It is thought that the union of sage Vyasa and guru Bharadvaja in the eighth century was due to this mystical past times. Before that time, there were many yogis who experienced similar effects. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

Some of the benefits of Mukhi meditation are increased focus, relaxation, improved concentration, balanced emotions, vitality, and relief from stress. The practise of meditation is very essential to attaining the personal benefits of rudraksha

famous astrologer in India

famous astrologer in India  How to become a famous astrologer in India? Indian astrology is popular and has been popular for many centuries. These days, you can find people who are not even born yet who have a sense of astrology. To become a famous astrologer in India, one needs to dedicate his life towards it and lead a good lifestyle as well.

Astrology has always been the domain of the rich. India is no exception to this fact. You need to be very careful when you make your astrological chart and choose the right horoscope and form a good study of horoscopes before you even think about actually going astrology.

Astrology is more than just birth signs. There are so many other aspects involved such as planetary and zodiac signs. If you have an astrology reading at home or if you go to a reputable house, you will realize that astrology readings are not just about the sign that is given by the god but is more about the personality, the life, and the meaning of each sign. famous astrologer in India

The astrology reading you get at home or the astrology reading that you get from a well-known astrologer is all-important and the nature of the reading that you get is also very important. When you have an astrology reading at home, you will know that there is no substitution for practice. The practice will help you in many ways. famous astrologer in India

The astrology reading at home will give you a practice of astrology reading, which is not possible if you go to a house astrologer. Before you have a chart made for you, you must try it out for yourself and this will give you the knowledge and wisdom of astrology, which can be helpful in the future and can tell you the best times to earn money and in what way.

As a novice, the astrology reading will be better as you can understand the meanings of the horoscopes and the meanings of the meanings and the zodiac signs. You can also go ahead and make a chart yourself, and the meaning of the charts can also be very helpful for you and will help you in many ways. famous astrologer in India

An astrology reading can also help you choose the right career that will give you stability in life. The astrology reading that you get at home will also help you find your personality traits, will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and will help you learn how to make the best use of your time. famous astrologer in India

If you want to know how to become a famous astrologer in India, you must have the proper knowledge and ability in Astrology and have knowledge of astrology signs and horoscopes. You can go to your local library and find out some books on the subject. Read them and find out what astrology is all about.

The meaning of horoscopes and the meanings of the zodiac signs and planetary positions will help you get the right signs and positions. You can make use of the knowledge and the information and gain new knowledge about the astrology reading that you will get and will help you become a famous astrologer in India.

There are so many people who have found the use of horoscopes and have become a part of the good practice. Their horoscopes have helped them in their life and they have found many uses for the horoscopes. In this world of recession, an astrology reading can be a good financial investment.

Not everyone can become a famous astrologer in India and not everyone will have the money to become a rich man. It will be wise to start by becoming a good knowledge seeker and then make the most of the time that you have in front of you.

Do not go into astrology reading lightly and seek the advice of a knowledgeable person, as horoscopes will guide you into the right direction. as the fortune teller will tell you. famous astrologer in India 

best astrologer in Chennai

best astrologer in Chennai where can you find the best astrologer in Chennai? That’s a question that concerns all people who have given a lot of importance to the horoscope predictions. It’s not a very easy query to answer. Since the number of options available is vast, it is quite hard to select the right astrologer in Chennai.

The first thing that you should do is to find out the type of service that the astrologer provides. Do they provide readings for individual cases or they will work on general cases? Generally, some astrologers are specialized in special cases and some are specialized in general cases. For instance, if you need reading for a business matter, you can’t expect your astrologer to be specialized in only readings for individuals but he/she should be specialized in corporate matters as well. best astrologer in Chennai

Make sure that the astrologer you select has experience in the field he/she is dealing with. If there is no experience in astrology, then how can he/she be able to provide a reliable reading?

You should also have an idea of the experience of the astrologer before you hire him/her. Find out what his/her clients say about his/her performance. best astrologer in Chennai

You must remember that no company can provide you with a reliable reading without knowing who the customers are. You must try to understand the attitude of the customers towards their services. If the customers are always dissatisfied with the service, then it will be very difficult for them to receive a good reading from a specific astrologer.

Once you have understood the way of working of the astrologer, you must have a clear idea of what he/she is going to do. The information that you need to gather from the astrologer is his/her aura reading, his/her astrological chart and his/her future vision. This information is extremely useful to help you understand the kind of service you will get from the astrologer.

Once you have got all the information needed, then the next thing you should do is to know the frequency of the readings. You must be able to have a guarantee that you will get an accurate reading. This is one of the factors that should be considered before you hire the astrologer. best astrologer in Chennai

After this, you must have a clear idea of the procedure of the astrologer. If the astrologer is going to give a horoscope prediction, he/she should provide a detailed astrological forecast. You must be able to determine if the predictions will be something that you want or are something that you do not need. best astrologer in Chennai

By knowing the specific patterns of your life, the astrologer will be able to predict the types of changes that you are going to make. This helps the astrologer in providing readings that are more accurate.

Since you are going to spend a lot of money, you need to make sure that the service provider is legitimate. You can take a look at the websites of the astrologers to check if the services offered are genuine. best astrologer in Chennai

Finally, you should be able to communicate with the astrologer. Your astrologer should be able to hear your problems and give you a personalized reading based on the information he/she gathered from you. best astrologer in Chennai

So if you are ready to find the best astrologer in Chennai, just look for one who is authorized and has experience in the field. Remember, choosing the best astrologer in Chennai should be according to your needs and you should look for an astrologer who can provide a successful reading. best astrologer in Chennai

Astrologer in Mumbai

Astrologers are well-known for their love and acceptance of human beings and human relationships. The following are some ways to work with a reputable astrologer in Mumbai:

The best way to begin is to choose an astrologer in Mumbai that suits your lifestyle and your needs in the city. Being yourself will help you find your direction and help you plan your life. Choosing the astrologer in Mumbai is the first step, but it is important to make sure that you are not only comfortable with the individual’s services but also that they understand your unique personality and do their best to create a very special and unique experience for you. Ask friends and family if they know anyone who has used the services of a particular astrologer in Mumbai.

Ask someone who has used an astrologer in Mumbai about the people he or she uses, the expectations, and the process they go through to help you figure out what your future holds. If possible, find a trustworthy friend or loved one to interview about the astrologer’s philosophy and their philosophy on the whole idea of astrology and how they believe in it. Astrologer in Mumbai

Astrology can have many meanings, and the best way to determine this is to ask questions about the methods they use. Some astrologers use tarot cards and other methods, while others prefer a more holistic approach that goes beyond just horoscopes and simple predictions. Do your homework and find out how they interpret their observations and how they work to provide you with a new understanding of life and love. Astrologer in Mumbai 

You should make sure that the astrologer in Mumbai understands the difference between astrology readings. Your intuition is something that astrologers can help you with, but your inner voice is just as vital to you as your inner eyes and ears. Astrologer in Mumbai

They also need to understand that there is a difference between true science and magic, and they need to see yourself as something more than a mere spectator of your fate. With these great similarities comes great differences, and you will want to research and discuss each person’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Astrologer in Mumbai

Find out what you want from a service, and find out who you want to provide it to. There is no reason to continue with the service you have with a particular astrologer in Mumbai if they can’t be described as what you want. Astrologer in Mumbai

Find out if they specialize in your situation, and what area of the world are they based out of. If they are not sure, contact them to see if they can recommend someone in your area.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your partner’s family and friends to ask for recommendations. They may have used someone to help them with their reading or they may have no clue who this person is. Astrologer in Mumbai

Talk to your significant other to find out how much they appreciate the service you’ve received from the astrologer in Mumbai. Ask them to provide any feedback or reviews about the astrologer in question, and get in touch with your co-workers, neighbours, and friends to get their opinions.

By speaking with others in your immediate circle, you’ll develop a better understanding of how you view the professional relationship and the value of astrology in general. Astrology does work, and you will soon be making an educated decision about whether it is right for you.

Ask friends and family if they feel comfortable working with a professional astrologer in Mumbai. And then make sure that you contact the company and find out how you can take advantage of the services they offer. Astrologer in Mumbai

Rahu In 12th House

Rahu In 12th House
A night of good sleep is essential for ultimate health and may affect mood, weight and bodily hormone levels. Sleeping disorders and sleeping issues are common modern complaint, including insomnia, difficulty in sleeping, anti-snoring, snoring and restless legs syndrome.Rahu In 12th House

Problems and sleep disorders are severe enough to interfere with normal psychological, mental, social and physical functioning. Some of the causes for sleep disorders are nervousness, fear, tiredness, rich and heavy foods, tea, coffee as well as others stimulants taken during the night, too noisy or hot room. A persistent sleep disorder deserves cautious attention and medical check-up. Astrological combinations for sleep disorders1. Rahu In 12th House

Brain nerves are governed by mercury, Moon regulates stomach, heart and mind. Jupiter rules over the lungs and the liver. The elements are liver, lungs and brain nerves. Consequently, these 3 planets are accountable for providing sound sleep.2. Lord of 12th house present in 3rd\/6th\/8th indicates disturbed sleep.3. Lord of 3rd\/6th\/12th house located in 12th house indicates inadequate sleep.4.Rahu In 12th House

If the lord of ascendant\/3rd house or the Moon is placed in 12th home then the sleeping is characterized by vague fantasies.5. Presence of natural malefic like Saturn\/Mars\/ Sun\/Rahu\/Ketu in 12th house indicates disturbed sleep.6. Twelfth home hammed between eighth and sixth home lords signifies sleep or insomnia with horrible dreams.7. Rahu In 12th House

Twelfth lord combust by Sun then the indigenous will suffer from sleeplessness.8. 12th house\/lord associated with Venus indicates long hours of sleep.9. Lord of 3rd \/4th house present in 12th house or lord of 12th house present in 3rd\/4th house induces sexual dreams in the mind of native.10.

Lord of 12th is in exaltation\/own house, the native will sleep too much.11. Lord of home placed in ascendant or god of ascendant and twelfth buys their houses, then the indigenous develop lazy tendencies and sleeping too much.12. 12th house\/lord associated with Venus causes excessive sleepiness, especially if Venus is also the lord of Ascendant \/4th house amount of sleep overcomes many folds.13. Rahu In 12th House

Rahu associated with 12th house\/lord is responsible for interrupted sleep.14. If Ketu is associated with 12th house\/lord the native will remain dull and sleepy.15. If the lord of 12th house is weak and present in 6th\/8th house the sleep period is curtailed. Rahu In 12th House

Astrology Signs

Astrology Signs
The system has excited and enchanted individuals towards it, since times immemorial. Astrology was originally a source to plan dealing that is significant or the events of life. This was performed by forming signals or constellations and by seeing the places of stars, the moon and the sun. But these signs have been taken a different outlook. Astrology Signs These days signs are used to predict the effects or to find about the past that was abandoned. They’re also used to resolve the present’s obscurities. These maintain a part in our day-to-day life. These signs are said to possess the capacity to exemplify the compatibility between your partner or you.

After matching the horoscopes in most cultures unions are fixed. This action is rooted in the belief the horoscope indications are an efficient means find the pair partner for life and to trace human nature. Until now there have been 12 sign Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Astrology Signs There were reports indicating the discovery of another signs. The unearthing of the zodiac that was new has caused a modification in all the 12 sun signs dates. This has influenced the predictions made by the various. As the thirteenth zodiac sign, Ophiuchus is going to influence the life and character traits of the people born between Nov 29 – December 18. Astrology Signs

Though, that the new sun sign has been discovered, not much info is available on it. In accordance with the grapevine, Ophiuchus will symbolize a guy holding a serpent in his hand. Additionally, this is actually the only sign which has been named after that the name of an individual. The name has been motivated by that the Imhotep, a character from that the Mummy movies. In addition, it’s believed that this sign is going to be a representation of medicine. Just as each horoscope sign describes itself in various natures and has the power to settle down certain issues, the thirteenth zodiac sign, the Ophiuchus is thought to possess the healing power. Astrology Signs

The serpent from that the man’s hand represents that the symbol of good luck from that the stars. Some reviews also suggest that the serpent is a symbol that represents wisdom of all knowledge on that the earth. Astrology Signs Ophiuchus sign describes the individuals born anytime during Nov 29 and 17 December, as a seeker of true peace, wisdom and harmony. It also says that these individuals is going to succeed in lifestyle and earn well for themselves in this world.

Nevertheless, they may possess to undergo a whole lot of hardship to reach the fame and riches. An individual who’s an Ophiuchus is going to attract wisdom and as well as jealousy.Astrology Signs

Love Horoscope

Love Horoscope
Love Affair is based on the theory that positions affect fate, personality, and your personality. Your love Affair helps you to gain a better comprehension of your love relationship and yourself. You may see the pattern of your lifetime. Love Horoscope

It means how compatible you’re with others. Additionally, also, it provides you gives you a possibility to find comprehension pattern of their compatibility, their behaviours and your partner. Lots of you want to have a happy and intimate life with your partner, but they do not wish to take the time and effort to know their partner. They don’t evaluate their very own capabilities and potential to save the relationship.

Consequently, their relationship fails. They don’t understand that there aren’t any shortcuts in love relationships. Michael Webb, the writer of 1 stated that 83% of divorces would not take place if couples asked each other appropriate concerns.

He’s appeared on over 500 radio and TV shows, including Oprah’s show. If you’re really interested to know that your partner and you are compatible with one another, you simply need to find out the right solution. You have to ask your partner some question about philosophies, ideas and your own emotions on a kind of topics. Love Horoscope

Have you personally ever imagined that love is in the stars for you? A love horoscope helps you to find your dream partner out. Better understanding and behaviour compatibility will assist you to match your love horoscope. 1, 000 questions for couples and Relationship quizzes and find out what you should do so to save your relationship.Love Horoscope

Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage: Any person either marries whom he loves or whom his family chooses. Most of the Arrange marriages are held in India. If you have recently been in a marriage or are about to get married, then things like love marriage can also happen in Orange marriage.

Any person either marries whom he loves

Over time you begin to understand this relationship and your partner
Marriage is a lifetime relationship. What is better in both Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage. The answer to this question may vary from person to person. In India, the benefits of Arrange Marriage are counted and persuaded more for it.

Any person either marries whom he loves or whom his family chooses. Most of the orange marriages are held in India. At the same time, parents in the family believe that arranged marriages are more successful. Love Horoscope

It is natural to be uncomfortable with any person you do not even know properly. However, over time you begin to understand this relationship and your partner.

If you have recently been in a marriage or are about to get married, then things like love marriage can also happen in Orange marriage. We are going to tell you some love tips…

Share things 

To strengthen every relationship, it is necessary that two human beings know, recognize and understand each other. The more you talk among themselves, the better you will be able to understand each other. Apart from talking, it is also important to know about each other’s habits, likes, likes and hobbies. With this, you will be able to get all the information about them which is necessary.

Be interested in each other 

If you want to step into each other’s small world, then try to join it. Take interest in things related to them. Give each other time to get to know each other. If you do not show interest towards your partner, then your relationship will become dull and you will not be able to find love in your marriage.

Do not talk about complaints Love Horoscope

In the marriage, expectations with responsibilities are also high, as well as pressure on both partners to handle this relationship. It is not necessary that your partner can share all your likes and dislikes. You may have to learn many new things, but don’t worry about all these things and don’t start complaining.

 Magic of love 

In any relationship, love has a special meaning which reduces the distance between two strangers. Gradually you will start loving each other.

 Time is important 

In Love Marriage, two people meet each other and know each other, but in Orange Marriage you are both oblivious to each other. If you do not give time to your partner, then this work becomes more difficult. To know them, it is necessary to talk and give each other time to talk.

Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching

The task before an astrologer is to satisfy himself that he has correct charts based on the date, time and place of birth which the customer has supplied before focusing on matching of horoscopes. He must determine a computer or weather the charts have been cast with an ephemeris or panchanga once he has these. Sometimes the two parties manipulate charts to avoid afflictions. Additionally, it is found that whenever the birth occurs following 12’o clock in the night, the birth date is recorded as the subsequent day following the British method. But day’s reckoning is to sunrise. This creates lot of issues and the chart could be wrong. Horoscope Matching

It’s best to determine the correctness of the bride and the groom’s horoscopes after which proceed and after getting the information. So as to avoid the dosham attached to 18, the nakshatras, Sometimes, are given wrong. After discovering the above, the astrologer should proceed into the horoscope matching – The most points to be considered are: 1. The suitability of the stars, i.e. Constellations – 2. Lagna’s rankings and rashis in both – 3. The longevity of the bride and groom – 4. The larger strength of the seventh and eighth houses – 5. The strength of that the putra bhava – But as per observation, it’s been noted which the strength of the 2nd, 4th, sixth, ninth and twelfth houses would be also into be seen as these too have an impact on happy married life.  Horoscope Matching

2nd house represents Kutumba sthana i.e. Family along with financial stability, 4th house represents general happiness along with relation with in-laws, sixth rogasthana, i.e. Health, ninth bhagyasthana and the twelfth bed comforts.

It’s been found from experience that there’s the difference in birth times for all those born in maternity homes, government hospitals and this has to be cautiously checked out as that the Lagna and that the 10th house doesn’t match.

These days that the caesarean operations are becoming that the order of that the day. Many people resort into these births into having that the arrival of their offspring under an auspicious constellation.

Horoscope Matching

Therefore the casting of the horoscope needs to be done very cautiously, and this could be done only by an experienced astrologer.

First, ascertain all this and obtain a correct chart.

And, only following considering the respective strengths of the houses above, can one start that the consideration of that the 10 porutham or kutas. Some astrologers just consider this along with giving their opinion. This isn’t a correct approach. Only after considering the above things must that the jathaka porutham be taken up to get that the big picture.

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