All you should know about Ashwini Nakshatra

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Ashvini Nakshatra
Ashvini Nakshatra signifies the celestial combination of Ashwini Kumaras born from Lord Surya and wife Sanga as per Vedic Astrology.

Natives born under Ashwini Nakshatra usually are smart, intelligent, and talented with excellent communication skills. & are generally attracted towards luxury of lives.

The most admiring qualities includes they are bold, confident, ambitious and dominating in nature.

Characteristics of Ashwini Nakshatra

TranslationHorses of Horse woman
SymbolHorse head
NatureDeva (God)
DeityAshwini Kumaras
Ruling or Lord  PlanetKetu
Ruling Deity of KetuLord Ganesha


Padas Points in DegreePlanet Ruler Quality
100 degree to -0319 of AriesMarsSelf-Driven
20320 to 06.30 of AriesVenusLuxury
306.40 to 09.59 of AriesMercuryIntelligent
410.00 to 13.19 of AriesMoonPatience , Empathetic




Astrologer in India in 2020 -Astrologer abhishek soni

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