Astrologer in Noida

Noida, situated in India’s northern state Uttar Pradesh, is planned for industrial development. It is part of Delhi NCR where NCR stands for national capital region. Being part of India’s capital region, this city is a prominent place for the Indian entertainment industry, with many films, television series, news channels, and other media being shot here. In few years Noida has developed very rapidly. The City have highways, colleges, wide roads and crowd from all over India. Noida is very propinquity to India’s capital Delhi, which is the political hub of the country, that’s the reason behind being in highlight of the Noida city in the news channels.

Best Astrologer in Noida – With a lot of commercial activities, multiplexes, IT parks, entertainment industry, Job opportunity the Noida city has become a real state hub providing opportunity in every sector. Due to overcrowded Delhi, it has become a center of attraction for all, resulting people to move to Noida. Best Astrologer in Noida came into existence 20 years ago providing best and effective astrological solutions based on Vedic astrology science.

With few years, Abhishek Soni has established himself not only in India but all over the world. He became Famous Astrologer in Noida because of his precise predictions about politicians, business men, Bollywood celebrities around the world. He is master in providing astrological solutions for love marriage, career, health, property, financial problem and business problems etc. Knowledge that Abhishek Soni has gained from his study and research work is hard to find and is often utilized for goodwill of people.

Importance of Astrology – In history, intelligentsia from around the world have come together in India to recreate something in a novel and unique way. Astronomy as astrology isn’t so diverse. Indian astrology is always being a marvel to Greeks countries. India, being the most spiritual country across the globe, crowned as the land of Vedas. Astrologers in India use Vedic astrology which is based on Atharvaveda, Rigveda and Upanishads to predict the most accurate future.

According the Vedic astrology, the position of the planets and stars at the time of your birth helps us in recognizing the weak or strong areas of our lifecycle. Astrology can help us to understand the events of your past, present and future. Astrology works as a divine tool having power and potential to eradicate all problem faced by individuals in all spheres of their life if used appropriately. Whenever someone feel disappointed or stuck in any phase of life weather it’s career, business, health, marriage, financial or something else, Astrology can surely give a positive direction towards betterment of an individual. 

  • Predict the unpredictable – Astrology revels our karmas of the past, which helps to understand our future and path of life. Vedic Astrology is always capable of forecasting the future for an individual by using their birth chart and astronomy position of stars. It helps an individual to choose right path for their betterment.
  • Helps you gain certainty – In the world full of uncertainties, astrology provides you different ways to be certain about it. Using this you can be more certain about vital fronts of life that leads to a cheerful and effective life superior to now.
  • Relationship compatibility – In India before marriage Kundalis of couples are matched before marriage to verify their compatible with each other based on their stars. Basic login to match the Kundali was to match one’s weaker start with others stronger star. A lot of people visit Abhishek Soni to match their Kundali. Abhishek Soni uses different ways like birth chart of individual, comparison of zodiacal charts of those two persons to determine their degree of compatibility w.r.t romance, business relationships/career growth or financial growth.
  • Career & Financial growth – Astrology helps you to choose right career path as per your zodiac and identity qualities. A good Astrologer like Abhishek Soni can predict which career field is best suitable option for an individual with ample of opportunities in future. Vedic Astrology based horoscope also reveal how your planets & stars are going affect your wealth & finance. 


  • Solving business related problem– Starting a business takes too much efforts with huge investment and risk. If you are not from a sound financial background, it put your family’s future at stake. With help of astrology, you can have tips and remedies for your business problem and disentangle to get success in your business. Evaluating you based on your past and current stars positions, Abhishek Soni can help you selecting the right business at right time to excel your business opportunities. 


Astrology, Numerology and Vastu shastra proven scientifically?

Astrology is science based on mathematical calculations, Vaastu shastra is an architecture science that deals with building houses in accordance with purpose, rules and best practices and lastly numerology is the Science of Vedic numbers. There is no denying of the fact that ancient Vedic science of vastu shastra, astrology and numerology has a definite correlation. Anyone of them used in isolation can be beneficial but best results gained when these three are used in conjunction. With vastu focusing on your way of living, numerology finding your life path number and astrology defining attributes of your social and behavior science, Abhishek Soni, the master of all three, can surely present you a holistic view to an individual.

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