jobs near me

jobs near me Are you looking for jobs near me? In order to get a job, you will have to be near the place where the job is. When you search online, it is always important to find a company that will work with you in order to get your resume.

A person will have to convince a potential employer of why they should hire them. You will need to show the employer why you are the best person for the job. People can also get their resumes read by potential employers. These companies will be the best to go to for employment as they can do a great job looking over potential candidates.

Because of the current economic climate, many people are looking for work. If you know how to look for work, it will be easier for you to find the right place. Many people are looking for an answer in finding employment, so when you make an honest search you can be sure to find the right type of company to work with. -jobs near me 

Jobs in the country can be found if you take a look around. It is important, to be honest with yourself about where you are living at this time. People who live in remote areas need to find employment as they cannot find anyone who lives in their area.

In the case of those living in remote areas, they may need to travel a little bit to get to work. This is especially true if you do not have transportation. In order to find work, you will have to take a look at your area and see if there are opportunities that exist.

When you are doing an online search, you will have to use one of the search engines that are free to do your search. When you are searching online, it is important to be open to the idea that you will have to work hard in order to find work. This will be the case if you are in rural areas.  -jobs near me

It is going to be a lot of hard work and toil just to survive. There are many jobs that you can find on the internet that are very good. People need to look everywhere and use all the resources available to them.  -jobs near me

In order to find your dream job, you will have to know where you want to work. People want to have a career where they can make a lot of money and not just work their hands to the bone. With these jobs, people can have a good amount of money without working long hours or being overworked. When you are doing a job search, it is important to put a lot of effort into the process.

Do you want to know the answer to the question: “What is a business-career-or-job-in-horoscope-astrology-prediction?” Then here is the answer for you. That answer is YES! It’s a personal “hear” and the best of our thoughts, experiences, knowledge, experiences, thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, expectations, beliefs, hopes, desires, strengths, weaknesses, needs, and resources.

The vibrations of a person, which are called “energy,” manifest themselves in things and events. The vibrations become a part of the physical world. We can measure that physical world by looking at the physical world around us. For example, how many times has someone said, “I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest”?   -jobs near me

We feel the vibrations of those feelings, or “depths” of life that come from regular life situations such as job stress, family problems, relationships, bills, health issues, not to mention all the “low vibrational” events in our lives. There are so many different levels of vibrational levels that each person has different vibration levels. When we talk about horoscopes, we are referring to what vibrational level each person is in right now.  -jobs near me

A person’s horoscope astrology predictions are always based on the person’s current vibrational level. That’s what determines their “energy” or vibration. If that person’s energy level is higher than a lower vibrational level, then they are destined to live happily ever after in a relationship, career, etc.  -jobs near me

To get a better understanding of how each person’s vibration or “energy” works, let’s go back to when you were a baby. As your mother wrapped you in her arms, you had no idea how much love there was in her, but you sensed it. Your mother felt love for you because her own “energy” carried her through birth, through the birthing process, the birth of her first child, and her life after that.

How much love did your mother have for you? The same love, you feel today? Of course, all love is not created equal. Some people have it, some people don’t, some people feel more or less of it, and some people are born with the gift of loving with an extra ounce of passion and love. But when you feel love for someone, they are indeed giving you “extra” love because they are using love for that other person’s benefit.  -jobs near me

You are your own energy! Your energy is what you give out to the world around you. If you feel love for someone, it is because they are bringing out your love for them. A couple of days ago, you may have felt very love for a coworker because you felt a strong connection with the two of you; now, you may have felt a strong connection with a co-worker because they showed you love and care.  jobs near me

Those two people did not become connected to each other because they needed each other, they became connected because they are making a strong connection with each other’s “energy.” To find out what your own “energy” is, connect with your own vibration now!  –jobs near me 

mercury retrograde

Let us study the impact of Mercury (Buddha), the planet of Communication in 12 Different Houses as per Vedic Astrology    Mercury retrograde

House Number as per Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Impact /Effects as per Mercury position in Horoscope
1 If Mercury blessed in this house, then native will be good speaker, intelligent and debate winner. Mercury in Lagna is the auspicious placement and bestows natives beautiful personality, good memory and very much straight forward in thoughts and actions. The person will have a long life and even expert and famous Astrologer  -Mercury retrograde

2 Mercury placed in this house make the person healthy, wealthy and prosperous kind-hearted throughout life. Direct gains through writings work, administration foreseen. In the case of Malefic placement of Mercury will result from hurdles in education and depression.   -Mercury retrograde

3 Good placement of Mercury result siblings, short journeys, avid reader, a very famous personality in society and professional front. This house deals with the taste of reading and literature.  If Malefic, then it could result in mental stress and trouble in arms.   -Mercury retrograde

4 Natives enjoy company and support of the elderly in family or even superiors in professional front. Direct gains from property and education in case of well-placed Mercury. A person can be a famous author or even a scientist. Malefic Mercury results in domestic trouble and losses from partnership ventures.   -Mercury retrograde

5 A person can be a good advisor, very much matured, balanced, good decision maker, happy and very courageous personality. More than one affair is foreseen in case of the opposite sex.  Wealth is only through hard work. Malefic Mercury results in scandals, mental breakdowns and even create health serious health issues leading to paralysis

6 Mercury placed in this house is generally not considered auspicious unless and until it aspect any positive plant in any Horoscope. A person is very straight forward in speech or harsh words expected and disturbing nature. But the person is good at dealing with numbers or math or accounts. Malefic or Retrograde directly impacts or activates enemies which is not a good sign.   -Mercury retrograde

7 House represents marriage and partnership, thus the placement of Mercury in this house makes one horoscope most favourable for the spouse as beautiful, intelligent and very diplomatic and well behaved. Gains through partnership and business indicated.  Native enjoys the company of wealthy women. Malefic placed Mercury results in broken Marriage, strain relations and even legal troubles.   -Mercury retrograde

8 The person will be lucky and long-lived if Mercury well placed in this house. Same way native will be a famous personality in society and a supporter of the family. A person can be a great Astrologer and guru of occult science. Malefic Mercury could result in trouble with the opposite sex and trouble related to financial matters.
9 House of religious and spiritual activities, the native will be well learned, wealth, religious-minded personality and will enjoy the taste of foreign lands as well as higher education. Much success is awaited in travel, writing and legal matters. Malefic Mercury results, worries, unproductive and unprofitable journeys and doubtful nature.   -Mercury retrograde

10 This is the house of your Karma, work, career, where Mercury placed results naturally oriented and passionate personalities in their work areas of life. The native will be liberal, famous and blessed with luxurious items in life. But malefic Mercury results in foolish acts by the person and even losing dignity in society. Health fronts need attention, especially on eyesight.   -Mercury retrograde

11 When Mercury is placed in the house of gains, achievements, desires, aims then native enjoys a social status in society. A person is very ambitious, high moral and to whom everyone looks upon. Blessed with good teaching art, leads to luxury and pleasure life. Malefic Mercury results loss of wealth and person is not truthful.   -Mercury retrograde

12 This is not the house of Mercury and generally, it gives bad results leading to poor and much struggle in life. Native is always double-minded which blocks decisions making. A person is devoid of any education and faced defamation. If Mercury is placed well then the person is a very powerful personality and famous in the society,   –Mercury retrograde

Saturn in 9th house in birth chart

Saturn In 9th House

At points to their lives, they have learned and lost faith, belief and hope. Underlying their disbelief is anxiety about believing in a whole on the job and their system or a figure. Since the person has grown up Plenty of the maybe. It was the grandparents who a view, and the person was denied a real instruction. The person is currently looking for a perspective with superficiality, a realistic comprehension of earth and over faith. They can have a sense about doing the thing, fearing the punishment of consciousnesses. There’s a need to attempt to loosen up a little and permit visions, ideas, and adventures of planes enter into their learning environment.

Saturn In 9th House Among these is the sense of guilt instilled at a young age in them. The expression of the positioning can act itself that lacks hope and who doesn’t believe in anything, and he might be seen by them as harsh and strict if they do watch a God. With Saturn in the ninth home, they generally need an orthodox faith to make them feel safe and sound. The person tends to stick with things which have been proven over through time. They shy away from new visions of the world dreamt up a week ago and need something which has at least accrued some substance.

Saturn In 9th House An individual with Saturn placed in this home does frequently find themselves into a role of authority along with one which has been achieved with both efforts along with plenty of discipline in the regions of teaching, law, publishing, religion, or further studies. They gain status and professional improvement and wish to master topics by spending some time on wider interests and thru possessing a heavy and concentrated mind.

Saturn In 9th House It might be the mark of the student that needs every certification along with is the overachiever of all things ninth house. They frequently like studies in psychology, philosophy and faith as though they’re attempting to find something which will reconstruct which early loss of faith along with a need to know if there’s really something much more out there than what some people have dictated.


Saturn in 9th house While Saturn in the ninth house is a really good sign to be in when you are beginning your personal development, Saturn in the 9th house in astrology also holds many other interesting points about Saturn. One of these points of Saturn in the ninth house of the natal chart is the classic duality between Saturn and Neptune. The duality of Saturn and Neptune can be represented by the typical astrological tree which also bears important meaning about the direction of your life and good placement of Saturn in the birth chart.

Saturn in 9th house A very common practice is to place Saturn in the third house in the astrological chart. This placement is used because Saturn is called the “Lord of the ninth house”. But it doesn’t mean that the third house is connected with Saturn. It is very important to understand that in astrology, the qualities of Saturn’s house are not one-sided characteristics but are overall aspects of the entire natal chart.

Saturn in 9th house By placing Saturn in the third house, the astrologer hopes to provide some sort of symbolism in regard to Saturn and therefore many people use this method. But here’s the thing: the third house is simply meant to represent the position where Saturn’s house is placed in the natal chart. So if Saturn is placed in the third house and you see Saturn in the first house, you don’t automatically have to read into its meaning the meaning of Saturn in the first house.

Saturn In 9th House In fact, Saturn in the third house does not necessarily mean that the astrologer saw Saturn as a Saturn-like being and therefore it does not mean that the astrologer is going to “like” you. What the third house represents is the “circle of significance” for the astrologer and it is used to indicate which areas of the natal chart will be most important in your life and career path.

Saturn In 9th House Saturn in the tenth house, on the other hand, is not a symbol for Saturn at all but represents something different altogether. If you notice, Saturn is not placed in the tenth house at all but rather in the seventh house, which indicates the area where Saturn’s house is placed in the natal chart. This is the reason why you see Saturn in the ninth house (meaning it’s a typical Saturn in the ninth house placement) but the astrologer may look for a different symbol or placement for Saturn in the seventh house.

Saturn in 9th house Other times, the astrologer might place Saturn in the seventh house just to show its placement in the natal chart but will actually leave it out when they are actually interpreting your chart. This isn’t to say that they are wrong, they just are not always as accurate as they would be if they could actually pinpoint Saturn in the seventh house.

Saturn in 9th house While Saturn in the ninth house represents the strength of Neptune in the tenth house, both of them are supposed to share qualities of openness, tolerance, flexibility, and learning, just as the rest of the qualities within the sixth, seventh, and tenth houses. The difference is that Saturn is supposed to be the powerful force of change whereas Neptune is supposed to represent the creativity of openness and tolerance.

Saturn in 9th house The sixth, seventh, and tenth houses also represent areas of the personality. In order to use these houses to achieve an overall sense of balance in your personal growth, you should work with Saturn in the ninth house as much as possible. By combining the Saturn in the nine houses with the Neptune in the tenth house, you will be able to bring more balance to your personal growth and prosperity.

Saturn in 9th house A natal chart is a great tool for working with the placement of Saturn in the nine and Saturn in the tenth houses. But the astrologer is always there to help and guide. When the work gets difficult, consult with an experienced astrologer who has experience interpreting your chart and using the natal chart as a guide for your personal growth and development.

Saturn in 10th house

Saturn in 10th house

There are quite a few planets in Saturn’s 10th house, but the most important of them all are the ones in Capricorn. They each represent specific personality traits and qualities of a person. With Saturn’s house of leadership or responsibility, Capricorn represents a great deal of strength and guidance. A person with these qualities is likely to be at work every day, spending long hours in front of a computer, for example. Saturn in 10th house

Being at work, they will not have much time to spend with their family or friends and will be responsible for taking care of the finances and needs of their entire person. However, the Capricorn in Saturn’s 10th house is not a negative planet. They simply represent a need for structure and direction in life, which is necessary for a well-balanced and happy person. Saturn in 10th house

The ruler of the Capricorn is the sign of Leo. Leo people have a need for being respected, and they have the tendency to stand up for what they believe in. In astrology, this Saturn in Capricorn sign can be described as enthusiastic and aggressive. In contrast, they can also be introverted, somewhat reserved, and people who are very headstrong. And because of this, they might appear to have the tendency to make rash decisions. Saturn in 10th house

So how do you balance that Saturn in Saturn’s 10th house? For Leo people, you need to give your Capricorn a great deal of space to try to learn what you need to learn in order to balance him out. You might think that doing this is difficult. But in astrology, it’s all about knowing and receiving the advice of the signs in your chart. They have their own intuition and personal strengths and can offer invaluable insights into what needs to be changed.

The fact is that your own Saturn in Capricorn sign could be quite strong if he is balanced out by another Capricorn. If this is the case, the first Capricorn should understand that he is just one part of a much larger whole. When Saturn in Capricorn is balanced out by another powerful astrological sign, it will be much easier to achieve the personal goals that you have set out to achieve. It might also mean getting help in understanding how to reach these goals from the Sun, Moon, and Mercury.

So what are a strong relationship between Saturn in Capricorn and the more introverted sign of Leo? Leo people like to be left alone for a while, but they would rather have others be there for them when they need it. They can be a very demanding leader in the way that they want to be lead, but this can be the perfect balance of their own personality traits. Saturn in 10th house

What does Saturn in Saturn’s 10th house in astrology represent for you? For most people, this can be a sign that shows their desire to go out and learn a new hobby or interest. They would rather spend their free time doing something they enjoy than watching TV all day. While Saturn’s house of leadership does show the strong, decisive leadership qualities of Saturn, it can also be used to show how a person with this sign has more of a choice when it comes to making decisions and pursuing their personal ambitions.

And for those who are looking for a bit of motivation to continue on their own agenda, Saturn in Saturn’s 10th house in astrology can be a great motivation to continue with what they have started. It could even lead to the start of a new and exciting chapter in life.

Saturn In 10th House

House in Aries – You’re aren’t afraid to embark down a brand-new path and comfortable in the spotlight. You need to give yourself sufficient time and might be impulsive in your decision making when it comes to your career and life path. You’re drove, once you determine what you’d like to do with your life, and working. Your career something aggressive, or maybe something Aries in sports. House in Taurus – You have a challenging time giving up control you need, and could be controlling your career too. You’d like to be seen as somebody with wealth and status, however small you have. Saturn in 10th house

You look sensual and take yourself. You aren’t in any hurry and may take time to make progress or with your goals. Working at the arts might be best for you. You might do something Taurus related in finance, or that uses your senses. House in Gemini – You demand a lot of action and get bored easily. Something can be where you might utilize your hands, or for you. With Gemini here, you might also have two different careers in life, maybe even at the same time. You might have a career related to Gemini, love writing, speaking, detail-oriented work, planning, together with younger people, or utilizing your mind in some way.  Saturn in 10th house

10th House on Cancer – You care deeply about livelihood and success, and since of that, can experience some upheavals and fluctuations till you finally devote yourself to something. You would like to be seen as somebody who knows what they are doing and might be looked up to. You may be quite ambitious, creative, and useful for others once you do pick a livelihood. You might have a livelihood that’s Cancer-related, love dealing together with the public, nurturing others, in or for the home, or together with or for family. 10th House in Leo – You want to shine in your career, and wish to be recognized for work and receive praise.  Saturn in 10th house

Working at the public eye could suit it is you well. You work best on one’s own because you are too ruling of other individuals. You’re proud of accomplishments, and of where you’re in life. You might have a livelihood that Leo related, love in the public eye, through work that can help other individuals or work that makes people laugh. 10th House in Virgo – You want plenty of mental stimulation in a career, or you get bored quickly. You do most appropriate on work that’s on service of others, which involves the use of your mind, and where one can exchange ideas freely.  Saturn in 10th house


Remedies of Planet Rahu in Horoscope

Rahu Astrology

Astrology provides treatments for inauspicious planetary positions. By using these remedies, you can avoid bad outcomes of planets such as Rahu, Ketu and mixtures, for example, Kalsarp Yoga. Treatments for Rahu Rahu can also be known as an inauspicious planet like Saturn. Rahu may cause many difficulties for the person who has it at an inauspicious place in the kundali. The very best remedial means to calm Rahu would be to give iron weapons, blue clothing, blankets, iron sheets, sesame seeds, olive oil, electric equipments, peppermint and coconut. The man or woman who suffers from ill effects of Rahu can contribute reddish coloured cereals to employees.

Rahu in Astrology

The best way to pacify Earth would be to give the bead related with it. A few other Treatments for Rahu The affected individual can keep fast on Saturdays to reduce the malefic world effects of Rahu. He must contribute rice to the poor and Brahmins. Throughout the affected period he should help individuals who suffer from leprosy. He also should help poor individuals in their daughters marriage. Another remedy to calm Rahu would be to give a pillow that one has slept on, the following morning. Treatments For Rahu Dasha drinking alcohol and taking tobacco can prove poor during Rahu Dasha.

Therefore, one should avoid these things on this period. Ketu is an inauspicious world and it creates difficulty for the person who has this world within his kundli. To decrease the terrible outcomes from Ketu, charity would be the ideal remedy. The things the man or woman who suffers from ill effects of Ketu must contribute are: goat, calf, blankets, iron weapons, sesame, gray colored materials, etc. To calm Ketu, the person can donate gems of this planet too. Keeping fast Tuesdays and Saturdays will prove beneficial in pacifying this Dasha. Feeding Brahmins and puppies with rice is also a good remedy.

The individual influenced by Ketu should function older people and ascetics and avoid revealing his secrets to others. Through these ways Ketu will calm down and stop being malefic planet for the person. Remedies for Kalsarp Yoga Kalsarp yoga is formed by the position of the Planets with respect to Rahu and Ketu. Due to this inausible youga, though you are successful in your life, but there might be sudden and severe setbacks and hardships. To get out of this Dosha the person should follow the corrective methods for Rahu and Ketu and must chant the mantra Mahamrityunjaya and also the Sarpa mantra.

janam kundali by date of birth and time in hindi

Janam kundalini by date of birth and time in Hindi  There are hundreds of theories put forward in Vedic Astrology regarding calculation or birth time rectification which is also known as recording the correct birth time of child at the time of its birth.

The concept is called as birth time rectification where the astrologer tries to investigate or ask you different questions related to birth and tries to figure out the exact birth time as close to a minute accordingly.

Sometimes natives are also asked to fill out the questionaries’ related to their life events, but sometimes not knowing even the year or day of birth would be difficult tasks to arrive at any prediction as compared to the time of birth.

Janam kundalini by date of birth and time in Hindi Coming to the main aspect, how to calculate the right time of birth, so the right time is the moment when the baby cries and takes in the cosmic cry or its first cry. –

As per Vedic Astrology, the birth time of a child should be recorded as soon as the cord is cut as the soul’s journey begins at that time when the child becomes independent from its mother. I am doing research on this but no proper qualitative or quantitative data is available till date. –

 In India, there are many long-established and widespread facts in Vedic Astrology which are commonly used in daily life routine predictions for example particularly in matters concerning marriage career, (when to change job) mahurats (Auspicious time to buy anything) which also makes extensive uses of horary and karmic astrology.

 Another classic example would be Indian politics which is influenced by Vedic Astrology. It is still considered a branch of the Vedanga. In 2001, Indian scientists and politicians debated and critiqued a proposal to use state money to fund research into astrology, resulting in permission for Indian universities to offer courses in Vedic Astrology.

You can already see the combinations of personality types that are possible in this human world. For example, if your Sun is Gemini and Moon in Cancer, your ‘MO’ will be thinking/feeling. You will basically be a thinking/feeling type. There are many such combinations depending upon the various ratios such as Sun/Moon signs, such as thinking/thinking; thinking/feeling; thinking/action; thinking/practical, or feeling/thinking; feeling/feeling, feeling/action, practical/action and so on.

Janam kundalini by date of birth and time in Hindi But more it is important to know the right method of registering a time of birth.

This clearly means that majority of the people are unaware of the correct birth time and their horoscopes are prepared based on the different queries of the Astrologers.

Janam kundalini by date of birth and time in Hindi Besides, it will also depend upon the correct knowledge and analysis of Astrologer who can aspect and implement the correct principles of Vedic Astrology in practical life with accurate predictions.



moon in 7th house

moon in 7th house 

The moon in the seventh house in a birth chart is one of the primary elements that the horoscope person needs to contend with. While the other houses are ruled by solar planets, the seventh house is one of the planets that govern it and what a person represents. The moon represents all the elements, including water, air, earth, fire, and wood.

The astrologers who write the horoscopes know these things but they still need to get the information across to the public so that they can give accurate predictions. It is not that they do not know how the seven houses should work but their information is insufficient. The horoscope that someone reads from a book or on the internet could easily be wrong. It is even worse when they don’t understand the seven houses in the first place.

moon in 7th house  A person’s horoscope can be wrong for many reasons. One example is when the sun rises in the west in the morning. This is a sign of the day of his birth and therefore would mean that a person born on that particular day would have the ability to see some aspects of the future.

Of course, the moon rises in the east at sunset but there is no sunrise in the west. You cannot see the moon when it rises over the eastern horizon.

Another example is when the planets move around the earth. They move counterclockwise when the moon rises in the west. If a person had been born a few days before the moon rose, he would see the planet earth moving counterclockwise around the earth and assume that he was about to meet an opportunity to do something.

moon in 7th house  In the opposite situation, if a person was born a few days after the moon rose, he would see the earth counterclockwise. Since the moon is not in opposition to the earth, the astrologer cannot read his horoscope correctly. He will make errors like this when it comes to reading his horoscope.

If you believe that the horoscope is right because it has the correct information in it, then you will also be wrong if you read the horoscope incorrectly in your birth chart. The information in the horoscope is merely a guide. When a person reads it correctly, it must have been done with the correct information.

moon in 7th house  Horoscopes that are based on astrology is written for people who are not versed in astrology and to explain the meaning of the different aspects of the horoscope. So, people who read them incorrectly can easily misinterpret the contents of the horoscope and think that they are saying something completely different. So, it is important that the correct information is provided for those who are not familiar with astrology.

An astrologer knows how to read the birth chart and uses his astrological knowledge to write a horoscope for a person. The horoscope is not meant to be read literally. It is more of a roadmap to help the person understand his horoscope.

moon in 7th house  So, if a person wants to interpret the horoscope correctly, then he should take care to note that it is not just a guide. When the details of the horoscope are mentioned in the horoscope chart, they need to be understood properly. In case of a wrong interpretation, the results could be disastrous.

When a person consults an astrologer, he has to tell him the details of the horoscope. Some of these can be derived from the birth chart alone. Incase the horoscope tells about a difficult situation, the astrologer needs to make sure that the person knows what he is talking about. before the situation escalates out of control.

moon in 7th house  The astrologer must help the person understand what to do about the situation and what his limits are. So, the horoscope is not just a piece of paper; it is the compass to find the right path to success.

Yes indeed in Vedic Astrology, Sun and Moon are considered as very important planets in any Horoscope or Birth Chart. In fact, Astrology and Astrological significance would be nil if these planets are not taken into consideration while preparing any horoscope.

moon in 7th house  It is rightly said that while Sun rules soul and Moon rules our emotions and feelings, therefore these two planets are considered as a vision of Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology says Moon denotes our Mother and Sun denotes out Father in any horoscope. Therefore their placement itself holds very much Significant role while calculation of any horoscope. So can anyone imagine life without Sun or Moon? The answer is no and so is the impact of Moon in our horoscope.

moon in 7th house  Moon is a female planet which rules our mind, emotions, thought process as native’s life moves on. Considered as Queen in Solar system it is natural benefic planet bestowing health wealth and prosperity in native’s horoscope if a placement is good.

Among the smallest planet in the earth, Moon is garnered with nature’s beauty and love in women and even governs their menstrual cycle.

moon in 7th house  In Vedic Astrology, Moon is a very important planet which has full control on native’s horoscope or which has been assigned the portfolio of Ascendant in birth chart which also acts as GPS of the birth chart.

Without Ascendant horoscope, preparing will not be possible. In fact in Vedic Astrology, generally, the horoscope is denoted and aspect by Moon Sign and in Western Astrology it is Sun Sign. In fact, all the major nakshatras, Dasha or Antar Dasha which is also known as period and sub-period is governed by the Moon Planet.

Moon is like a mirror, which reflects our thinking process and thoughts very deeply. If Moon is strong in the horoscope then Lagna chart or Ascendant will be powerful with strong decisions making abilities and beautiful personality.

moon in 7th house  On the flip side if Moon is weak in the horoscope then it will result in suicidal tendencies, short temperament and incapable of decision making. Even the native feels uncomfortable health-wise and will suffer from cold and cough, lungs, and eye problem frequently


  Monday is the day for Plane Moon and it represents as Chandra in Vedic Astrology as it is placed in the head of Lord Shiva. The lucky colour associated with Moon is white and Lucky gemstone is White Pearl (Moti). Moon Rules North West direction and its constellations or Nakshatras are Rohini, Hast and Sharavan. It is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio zodiac sign.

rahu remedies

Rahu remedies

Rahu In Astrology
Rahu and Ketu. Two words which you heard at least if you the smallest of belief in astrology. Rahu and Ketu dosha is the Kundali dosha known in astrology, which may cause a mess in life. Ketu and Rahu are both shadow planets that don’t possess a form that is fixed, so they’re practically two images from the sky. On the level, the impact as a result of their nature. They are seen as its rare for them to maintain the position in a persons chart and planets. According to Hindu Mythology, asura or a demon came and joined the devas since they consumed the Amrit-.  -Rahu remedies

The Moon and the Sun recognized the demon and educated Lord Vishnu about it. Lord Vishnu chopped with the Sudarshan Chakra of his mind dividing the demon. The demon had swallowed nectar to be immortal. This is two shadow planets came as Ketu and Rahu. The mind part was known as Rahu and the portion has been called as Ketu. Ever Ketu and Rahu are enemies of the Moon and the Sun. Both of these planets in malefic planet state may cause a whole lot of trouble and inconvenience if they’re present in your Kundali. Rahu is such a sinister planet which astrologers recommend avoiding auspicious activities throughout all the Rahu Kaal Muhurat – Rahu Dosha occurs in those Kundali when, each one of all the planets in your chart come in between Rahu, all the snakes head, and Ketu, all the dragons tail.  -Rahu remedies

The existence of Rahu Dosha has negative effects on each one of the planets in your chart that are encompassed by the serpent and lose all of their positive effects to a great extent that makes a person extremely unlucky. Troubles surround them and several important occasions\/events of their life are delayed and almost every aspect of their life is adversely affected. Several simple Rahu Ketu remedies at home may guide you on the way To remove Rahu Ketu dosha and the best way to create Rahu favourably. Following these Rahu Ketu dosha remedies at home will give you positive results and will assist you to understand the best way to please Rahu and Ketu. –Rahu remedies 

Impact Of Rahu And Ketu On One’s Life – Rahu mainly represents luxury and negative impacts of Rahu cause one to suffer from mental disorder and stress, major losses, death in all the family, sudden changes in life and legal hassles. Rahu, if placed positively in all the Kundali, can endow fame and courage. Nevertheless, in malefic planet state, it may also cause problems related to leprosy, skin diseases and respiratory problems etc. Ketu in an unfavourable position at Kundali, causes ear problems, brain disorders and lung problems. -Rahu remedies

With the rising popularity of Vedic astrology, research is also on to incorporate Rahu remedies in Vedic astrology. Rahu is a tantric Sanskrit word which means lotus. This is also the name given to the lotus flower, which is often used as a symbol of the divine feminine in Buddhism and other religions. – Rahu remedies  

In the West, we have often seen the lotus in the form of a mantra or prayer (as in the case of many tantric yogis) and so it is easy to associate the lotus with divine femininity. It is for this reason that Rahu remedies in Vedic astrology are often associated with the goddess of love and femininity, Shakti, the celestial, feminine energy that encompasses the entire cosmos. If the remedy for Rahu is placed in front of Shakti, it will represent her with no hesitation.

However, the root of the word Rahu means root so if the remedy is not taken at the time of taking the full moon of the month (the month in which the media lunar cycle (as in the case of the case with the various astrological periods of the zodiac) enters the first ray of the zodiac sign of a particular individual) then the Rahu does not make itself known to anyone. So it is recommended that people get into the habit of using their remedies each and every month at the times of their birth in order to ensure that their root energies are expressed. -Rahu remedies

For those who wish to get more detailed information about this please go to the website below and read the following articles which will give you all the details and help you understand the root energies of the person concerned. The Rahu remedies in Vedic astrology article is aimed at the readership of Indian culture but this article will be useful to all. The below-mentioned article will explain in detail how race can be incorporated in Vedic astrology to get the answers to the questions. The main point to be kept in mind is that it should be taken when the moon is full and not before. There are several methods of taking the root remedies in Vedic astrology. The above-mentioned Rahu remedies in Vedic astrology article give details of the method of using an acrostic. An acrostic is an anagram which helps in identifying the root elements which can then be accessed by the seeker and thus use of this method is encouraged to get the root energies of the person in question. -Rahu remedies

In the Vedic astrology, root energies are also known as a “king”. The root energies are like a big ball and by means of chakras and mantras, the one sitting on the ball can call the root energies and obtain the root elements by means of meditation and sound vibrations.

Thus by means of using the root energies, one can obtain accurate answers to the questions related to the root energies and therefore provide the seeker with a chance to get the root energies in Vedic astrology. The information on the root energies can be obtained from the article on the soul of the person, Rahu and Vedic astrology. -Rahu remedies

As there are numerous resources to find out the answers to the questions, people are encouraged to take up the practice of using the acrostic as a means of accessing the root energies of the person concerned. In this way, the seeker can get the root energies in Vedic astrology in a very simple and yet effective manner. -Rahu remedies


Blue sapphire, also known as Neelam, is a precious gemstone highly valued in Vedic astrology for its powerful astrological benefits. According to astrology, blue sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn, which is considered blue sapphire stone benefits to be one of the most important and influential planets in the solar system. This article will explore the top 10 benefits of wearing blue sapphire.
1. Provides Protection
Blue sapphire provides Protection against negative energies, evil eyes, and psychic attacks. It is believed to have a strong protective aura that shields the wearer from harm and negativity.
2. Enhances Wealth and Prosperity
Blue sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn, which is known to govern wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Wearing blue sapphire enhances these aspects of life, bringing financial stability and success.
3. Boosts Mental Clarity and Focus
Blue sapphire is known to have a calming effect on the mind and helps to clear mental confusion and chaos. It enhances mental clarity, focus, and concentration, making it an ideal stone for students, professionals, and anyone who wants to improve their mental abilities.
4. Promotes Good Health
Blue sapphire is believed to have healing properties and is known to promote good health and well-being. It improves digestion, strengthens the immune system, and protects against various diseases and ailments.
5. Helps to Overcome Obstacles
Blue sapphire is a powerful stone for overcoming obstacles and challenges in life. It gives the wearer the strength, courage, and resilience to overcome difficulties and emerge stronger and wiser.
6. Improves Relationships
Blue sapphire is believed to have the power to improve relationships and bring harmony and understanding. It promotes loyalty, trust, and honesty and helps resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.
7. Enhances Spiritual Growth
Blue sapphire is associated with the crown chakra, the center of spiritual consciousness and enlightenment. Wearing blue sapphire enhances spiritual growth and awareness, promoting a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.
8. Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Blue sapphire is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system and helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. It promotes a sense of peace and tranquility, helping to balance emotions and restore emotional stability.
9. Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem
Blue sapphire enhances self-confidence and self-esteem, promoting empowerment and self-worth. It helps to boost morale and gives the wearer the courage and strength to pursue their goals and ambitions.
10. Brings Success and Fame
Blue sapphire is known to bring success and fame to the wearer, especially in fields related to politics, law, business, and finance. It enhances leadership qualities, promotes recognition and prestige, and brings success in career and public life.
How to Wear Blue Sapphire
To harness the full benefits of blue sapphire, it is essential to wear it correctly. Here are some tips on how to wear blue sapphire:
1. Consult an Astrologer
Before wearing blue sapphire, it is important to consult an experienced astrologer who can guide you on the best way to wear it. The astrologer will analyze your birth chart and recommend the right carat weight, metal, and finger for wearing the stone.
2. Choose the Right Quality
Blue sapphire is available in different qualities, ranging from low to high. Choosing a high-quality stone free from cracks, inclusions, and other flaws is important. A good quality blue sapphire should have a rich, deep blue color and a smooth surface.
Blue sapphire, also known as Neelam, is a precious gemstone highly valued in Vedic astrology for its powerful astrological benefits. According to astrology, blue sapphire is associated with Saturn, considered one of the most important and influential planets in the solar system. This article will explore the top benefits of wearing blue sapphire.
1. Astrological Benefits
Blue sapphire is known to have several astrological benefits. It is believed to bring the wearer good luck, wealth, and prosperity. It also helps to counteract the negative effects of Saturn in the birth chart, which can cause obstacles and challenges in life. Wearing blue sapphire is also believed to improve mental clarity and focus and enhance spiritual growth and awareness.
2. Enhances Professional Success
Blue sapphire is known to enhance the professional success and bring career growth and advancement. It is said to promote leadership qualities and improve decision-making skills, making it an ideal stone for professionals and business leaders. It also enhances communication skills and helps to build strong professional relationships.
3. Promotes Good Health
Blue sapphire is believed to have healing properties and is known to promote good health and well-being. It improves digestion, strengthens the immune system, and protects against various diseases and ailments. It is also believed to help regulate the thyroid gland and improve metabolism.
4. Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Blue sapphire is known to have a calming effect on the mind and helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. It promotes a sense of peace and tranquility, helping to balance emotions and restore emotional stability. It is also said to improve sleep quality and promote relaxation.
5. Enhances Relationships
Blue sapphire is believed to have the power to enhance relationships and bring harmony and understanding between people. It promotes loyalty, trust, and honesty and helps resolve conflicts and misunderstandings. It also enhances communication and helps to build strong, lasting relationships.
6. Boosts Self-Confidence
Blue sapphire is known to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem, promoting a sense of empowerment and self-worth. It helps to boost morale and gives the wearer the courage and strength to pursue their goals and ambitions. It also helps to overcome self-doubt and insecurity.
7. Enhances Creativity
Blue sapphire is believed to enhance Creativity and promote artistic expression. It helps to open up the mind and inspire new ideas and innovations. It also enhances intuition and spiritual awareness, promoting a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.
8. Provides Protection
Blue sapphire provides Protection against negative energies, evil eyes, and psychic attacks. It is believed to have a strong protective aura that shields the wearer from harm and negativity. It also helps to dispel negative thoughts and emotions, promoting a sense of peace and security.
9. Enhances Personal Growth
Blue sapphire enhances personal growth and positive changes in one’s life. It helps to promote self-awareness and self-discovery, enabling the wearer to identify their strengths and weaknesses. It also helps to overcome fears and limitations and promotes personal transformation and growth.
10. Attracts Love and Romance
Blue sapphire is believed to have the power to attract love and romance into one’s life. It enhances the wearer’s aura, making them more attractive and desirable to others. It also helps to promote emotional healing and enhances intimacy and passion in relationships.
In conclusion, blue sapphire is a powerful gemstone that offers a range of benefits to the wearer. It is important to note that these benefits can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the stone, the carat weight, and the metal used for setting the stone.

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