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Astrology in our Life importance benefits and purpose of guidance

Astrology in our Daily Lives Astrology in our life What is the first thing that pops in your head when you hear the world Astrology? Is it the future? A myth? An advice or something which is beyond explanation. What if I give you your complete life guide today, will you follow it step by step? Ignore it? Or try to do something just the opposite? Just like these above questions Astrology works, we don’t want to believe it but it's still we can’t ignore it’s existence. Most of you might wonder what is Astrology all about? In layman’s language, it is...

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pyra vastu

The Vastushastra or Vastu is an Indian science of building homes by keeping the good and evil forces in mind. The vastu suggestions are still considered in India and majority of the homebuyers refer to the vastu experts while purchasing a ready-possession home by the builders. Although Vastu is more effective when it is considered before making the homes as you can amend the design to avoid the evil vastu-dosh in your home, but if you are purchasing a ready-to-move home, even then the vastu can suggest some really great ways that help to remove the vastu dosh without executing...

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moon sign calculator

moon sign calculator Moon is the second most important planet after Sun. Moon is regarded as a planet, but in fact, Moon are a satellite of planet Earth. Astrologically, it's regarded as a Queen in the planets. Moon represents our Emotions, Happiness, Mother, Sturdiness, Fragrance, Wife, Lover, Silver, Pearl, White colour, Travels, as well as our Will power. Moon also controls the white portion of our blood. The planet Moon controls our Emotions, Will Power, Wealth, Health as well as all our thoughts. An individual having a strong Moon is strong in regard to his Will Power and Decisions, is always...

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Mercury Retrograde and its Impact in Astrology

mercury astrology  is very important in all the planetary energies and moves happening in our cosmos, also the Mercury Retrograde is one which everybody must know about. Understanding how germ works and why this retrograde and direct movement is very important and the way it affects us is a huge help for all of us. In very simple terms so as to not bore the non astrologers, I want to explain why you need to know about it retrograde and guide movement and mark it on your calendar. Mercury is the planet that governs communication, the Mind and Perception when...

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why Astrology Horoscope is called the Eye of Wisdom Details by Astrologer Abhishek soni

Astrology & Horoscope facts for a selected individual may be calculated for unique transits thru astrologers, at the same time as given starting information. This is performed through the manner of seeing the most initial graha which turn out to be present within the residence. Then, we calculate which graha will be more strong. If a robust (and proper) graha comes in, existence in that vicinity might be precise and vice versa in Horoscope That is why Jyotish Horoscope (astrology) is called the Eye of Wisdom. It makes you be aware past your immediate scenario, and understand that it's miles...

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Astrology and Horoscope online reading and Solutions by Astrologer Abhishek Soni

Horoscope: One word that goes hand-in-hand with the term astrology is horoscope. Much like the twelve zodiac signs, the horoscope is also constituted of twelve houses, referred to as 'Bhava' as per Hindu astrology. The horoscope is a detailed chart comprising of these twelve houses which is a person's birth chart and depicts the planetary positions at the time of birth. This is specific to details like the date of birth, time of birth to the second, and place of birth. Often, information regarding parents, siblings, career and personal life is derived from the horoscope and learned and trained Astrologers...

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Jupiter planet

Jupiter planet  the God of justice and of Justice is none Aside from Planet Jupiter or Brihaspati Grah. Various mythology and spiritual beliefs are allied with planet Jupiter. This planet is said to be those Lord of both Prayers and Devotion and Mentor of both Gods or Deities. Venus is enemy to this Planet plus they're calm with one another only in heavens. Planet Jupiter is primary ruling world for the children, which is viewed as a variable or Karak whenever contemplating about kids. Jupiter rules over law. Jupiter is fiery, decent, rewarding, masculine, cheerful, optimistic, liberal, cheerful, and venerable...

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