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24 May
What happens with a Moon and Ketu-conjunction in the 6th house?
Category: Ketu Jupiter
Moon conjunct with Ketu in a chart concludes that the native becomes hard to know the personality, for you never understand what they are up to. If your native chart has such co...
23 May
What happens when Mars and Moon are sitting in the 5th house for Virgo ascendant?
Category: Astrologer Abhishek soni
This is a very important placement of Moon, because this house controls on education, though, the scope for management, and prosperity. Moon is master of memory in every person ...
22 May
How does Mars give results in the 7th house Leo Lagna?
Category: Mars
Mars is a planet full of intensity and courage. In the 7th house also Mars gives enormous strength and attitude. 7th house concerns to married life and its comforts. Mars here m...
21 May
What are the consequences of Saturn debilitated in the 8th house of a birth chart?
Category: saturn & rahu
The eighth house is a very special, the most complicated, the most difficult to understand and one of the most imaginative houses of a horoscope and hence the study of this hous...
20 May
Is having​ the Moon and Saturn in the 7th house bad?
Category: Corporate Astrology
Saturn and Moon in the 7th house:- Saturn in the 7th gains is a very good planet if well fixed for constant and profound connections in relationships, he will give a very delibe...
19 May
What do Jupiter and Mars in the 8th house for a Taurus ascendant mean?
Category: Astrologer Abhishek soni
Jupiter is the most compassionate planet, and wherever it is located is an advantage. When it is arranged in the 8th house, its positive and inclusive energy affects the native....
18 May
How does retrograde Saturn behave for a Cancer ascendant in the 9th house?
Category: Astrologer Abhishek soni
Such retrograde Saturn can determine beneficial for the alliance of some natives under its effects due to which these natives may benefit through their alliance in many desirabl...
17 May
What are the good and bad effects of the moon in the 3rd house with Aries?
Category: Corporate Astrology
Having the Moon in the house of connection creates a very approachable mind, capable of fascinating large quantities of facts. Thus, such a native can gather a huge capacity of ...
16 May
What happens when Mars is in the 6th house for a Sagittarius ascendant?
Category: Astrologer Abhishek soni
A consequence of Mars in the 6th house of the chart makes a person full of power, energy, and dedication. He is a strong worker and sometimes works vigorously beyond his capacit...
15 May
What is the result of Mars & Mercury in 12th house?
Category: Mars
When Mars is fixed in the 12th house, you are a person who conceals your true feelings and wants. You have a strong religious nature and are very perceptive. You are compelled a...