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What happens when Mars is in Gemini in the 5th house?

When favorable in nature, Mars in the fifth house of a horoscope in the sign of Gemini can magnify the native with better results related to marriage, profession, authority, characters and many other types of good results depending on the global tone of his horoscope. Such benefit Mars can lead its benefit results to some natives through the field of their marriage due to which these natives may come beyond many types of good things by an advantage of their marriages. For eg, if Mars is fixed in the fifth house of a horoscope in the sign of Gemini, benefic Rahu is...

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What are the effects of a Cancer sun in 7th house?

Cancer effects build on which sign Sun is placed in the seventh house. Sun being a vicious planet which burns, is considered to burn the assurance of a house when is dignified or strong. Even if weak, the sun is known to hold marriage when placed in the seventh house, when secure it may lead to rejection or destruction of married life even. The Sun in the 7th house shows the need to flash through another person, and people with such a natal Sun are not addicted to loneliness. It is a very strong signal of marriage, even when the Sun has negative facet...

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How does Saturn Mercury in the 5th house (Leo Ascendant) affect personal life?

When the word effect is used, you are saying that this Saturn to Mercury conjunction is going to cause or induce a particular set of conclusions. We can say that is the point of the 5th House of innovative expression, taking risks, searching excitement, presence in sports, the biological expression of having children, etc. is very likely going to be an important problem in this person’s life. Some of our most problematic and demanding lessons in life will be revealed with regard to Saturn’s placement. The Ascendant in Leo also regulate the 5th House, which might help affected that sense of restraint,...

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What is the effect of retrograde Mars in the 6th house for a Taraus ascendant?

Mars in the retrograde gesture for almost 2 and a half months every two years. 2018 planet Mars will be going retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on the 27th of June. Capricorn is the 10th sign in common zodiac scheme and Mars will be retrograde there till 28th of August. Capricorn sign leader is Saturn and Mars is its competitor. In astrology, Saturn performs hard work, difficulties, diseases, discomfort, and pains whereas Mars is best karaka of war and anger. This system retrograde Mars is directly going to disturb our lives in an adverse manner and if Mars is depressed in...

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What will happen if the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are together in the 11th house?

It is true that 11th House is for achievement, friends, the contentment of desires etc. The certainty is Venus and Mars are always close to Sun. After all, they are in one house, an opportunity is Venus and Mercury become flame and therefore become powerless to give benefit results. Firstly we will see, what these planets exactly represents. Sun represents health, education, career. Venus represents beauty desire and love. Mercury represents communication skills, logical thinking, youthfulness. Sun in the 11th house:- This is a dynamic placement, giving the chart holder the gift of social importance. We engage in society and those with eleventh-house suns...

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For a Gemini ascendant, what are the effects of Venus in the 10th house?

Venus, when placed in 10th house, gives you a charming and enthusiastic personality. You turn to be a balanced and fascinating individual, which is why you gain a lot of scrutiny from people. You are liked and welcomed by everyone at work as well as in other areas of life. People commonly think of your benefit and don’t mind doing things for you. This, however, can constantly make you dependent and inattentive in mind. While you have the capacity to make people perform for you, you should be self-relying and not misuse this power. Your attitude towards life is positive; you turn to see...

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How disruptive is retrograde Jupiter as per Vedic astrology?

When Jupiter is retrograde, one in a natal graph or in the sky, it shows the right to follow on our principles, and convert our teachers and their teachings until they follow those principles. Jupiter brings a feeling of hope, meaning and desire into our life. Most of us participate this in the form of our religion, or what we accept in our belief system. Afterall Jupiter is retrograde about one-third of the time, it shows the right for us to follow on our teachers and our sense of desire about one-third of the time. The alternative two-thirds of the time we...

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How do you reconcile the differences between Vedic and Western astrology?

In the beginning, you will notice when you compare a Western and Vedic chart is that the Vedic chart looks very distinct. You are possibly familiar with the circular shape of a Western chart; the Vedic chart is square. If you are simply with Western astrology, upon attentive examination, the Vedic chart will emerge to have planets adjusted with the wrong sequence. The primary difference between the two systems is that the Vedic zodiac is Sidereal and the Western is Tropical. In Sidereal astrology, the zodiac is adjusted with 27 sequences or settled star groups. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, coordinate with...

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Is it true that Rahu releases the Sun from its eclipse after 35 years in a horoscope?

An easy way to understand this partnership is Sun produces rays and Rahu cloud disturbs it so overall it means Sun appearance will be disturbed by Rahu’s cloud and appearance will be employ by the Rahu. Rahu intensify the assurance of planet it is connected with, it moves like the planet with duplicity and fakes the condition of the same planet, so it is not easy to recognize the real desire. With Sun, it will move like a Sun means two Suns in one house so the conclusion will be as per the monarch of Sun whether it’s despiteful or benefit for the...

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What is the effect of Saturn in the 12th house for a Capricorn ascendant?

Having Saturn in the 12th house is likely one of the hardest position a native can have. Mostly if the planet is unfriendly forecast its consequence in the house of fears and limitations can lead to separation and unhappiness. As the 12th house rules panic, the existence of any hurtful planet there can encourage quite a lot of them. Saturn has a bit cold and prohibitive energy, which can lead the native to self-admiration. He is, again and again, nervous to dream, which in turn leads to desperation and sorrowful. Many times, it is Saturn’s negativity that actually keeps the...

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