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Importance and Significance of Shani Jayanti 2018 – The Birthday of Judiciary God and Lord of Karma

Shani Jayanti 2018, the birthday of lord of Karma (work) will be celebrated on 15th/05/2018 that is Tuesday.  Lord Shani is born from Surya Dev (Sun) and Chaya as his mother which rules planet Saturn (Shani) and plays very crucial important role in any native’s horoscope. In Hindu mythology Shani Jayanti represent or also denotes Shani Amavasya which means the birthday of Lord Shani is celebrated in Amavasya Tithi which is also the Jyestha month as per Hindu Panchang or Calendar. Interestingly Vat Savitri Vrat will also be celebrated with Shani Jayanti which is marked in the month of Jyeshtha Amavasya in...

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