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Moon in Third House in Astrology

Moon in Third House in AstrologyThere is a possibility of succeeding in fields run by Moon. Should you ever have the chance to understand a Gemini, you're Blessed! You will have an excellent opportunity to reinvent yourself and any region of your life.You could have more than one marriage. Your wife is going to be Your follower. You will receive a stunning wife but will have the friendship with different ladies. You will receive a beautiful and righteous wife. Houses in Astrology Each house grasps a particular region of life and an of a person's personality, and each house is connected to...

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moon sign calculator

moon sign calculatorMoon is the second most important planet after Sun. Moon is regarded as a planet, but in fact, Moon are a satellite of planet Earth. Astrologically, it's regarded as a Queen in the planets. Moon represents our Emotions, Happiness, Mother, Sturdiness, Fragrance, Wife, Lover, Silver, Pearl, White colour, Travels, as well as our Will power. Moon also controls the white portion of our blood. The planet Moon controls our Emotions, Will Power, Wealth, Health as well as all our thoughts. An individual having a strong Moon is strong in regard to his Will Power and Decisions, is always...

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brihaspati by astrologer in india abhishek soni

blue sapphire

brihaspati horoscope and astrology. It is also considered one of the largest planet within the solar system. Another most significant name is Dev Guru Brihaspati'.brihaspati Jupiter represents gold, knowledge, education, son, teacher, wisdom, protector, growth and expansion, guardian of abstract mind, writers, speakers, religions, expressions, philosophy, spiritual thought, learning and development, long-distance travel, ethical and moral values, judge and jury, sports and so on.Approximately Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the zodiac and most importantly it grace the lordship of Sagittarius and Pisces, that is Ninth and Twelfth Houses.The lord guru Brihaspati signifies the day Thursday, yellow color and rules...

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Shukra Venus Planet in Different Houses

 Shukra Venus Planet Natives are passionate and ambitious. They are rich and born in wealthy family. They are good looking and will spend more on luxury items. The person depends more upon destiny. Badly placed Venus can result loss of money and family  This house signifies speech, wealth, family and eating habits. The native will be famous celebrity as Singer or poet with sweet voice and will have lots of lady attractions towards them. Badly placed Venus can result delay in birth of child after marriage  The person would be creative and great writer by passion. The interest would...

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Know the Impact of Mercury (Buddha) in 12 Different Houses in Vedic Astrology

Let us study the impact of Mercury (Buddha), the planet of Communication in 12 Different Houses as per Vedic AstrologyHouse Number as per Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Impact /Effects as per Mercury position in Horoscope1 If Mercury blessed in this house, then native will be good speaker, intelligent and debate winner. Mercury in lagna is the auspicious placement and bestows natives beautiful personality, good memory and very much straight forward in thoughts and actions. Person will have long life and even expert and famous Astrologer2 Mercury placed in this house make the person healthy, wealthy and prosperous kind hearted throughout life. Direct gains...

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