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Horoscope October 2018

Venus  This month Venus, our planet of love, artwork, beauty, money, and individual values, will take center stage, as she stations in retrograde and guide movement the very first week, followed by a glowing, Venus ruled Libra New Moon a few days later. This is for calling sweetness, beauty, and harmony the new moon. Happy Birthday to our Libras, in addition to our Scorpios. If you're willing to tune into intuition instead of conference and anticipation, theres a possible. October is a month of opinions and evaluation, of turning inward to evaluate what lies under the surface of our desires...

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Jupiter transit 2018 in Astrology by Abhishek Soni

jupiter transit 2018 Should be seen since Jupiter is currently changing its sign from Libra. Scorpio is the sign of Zodiac System and governs obsession, revenge,bitterness and lot of desires.These persons would not such as any obstruction in their way and are serious to attain their goals. Their fascination knows and to learn about others is. To support this trait, they have been gifted by God with determination, hard work, and instinct. These persons with Scorpio Sign are secretive and complicated. Sagittarius, that signifies Jupiter's Element is Fire, while part of Scorpio is Water. Jupiter might not find comfortable with this...

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Shani Retrograde (Vakri) from 18th April 2018 to 6th September 2018 – What you should know

Do you know the Saturn (Shani) planet of Karma (work) will become Retrograde (vakri in Hindi) that is, it will move backwards from 18th April 2018 (Wednesday 07:00 AM and will move straight direction from   6th Sep 2018 (Thursday) 17:06 PM.The following transition is happening in Sagittarius or Dhanu sign for the year 2018 as the natives of this zodiac signs is going through peak phase of Sade Sati.It means Saturn retrograde days will be 142, therefore a period of challenges and slow down for every 12 Zodiac signs or rashi. Any planet in Vedic Astrology when moves backward or...

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Retrograde Saturn (Shani) in Sagittarius – Know the Impact on all 12 Zodiac Signs

Let us try to closely study the impact of Retrograde Saturn (Shani)  in Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) the  on 12 different zodiac signs  and what you should really need to care about.AriesThe following transition happens to be in your ninth house as per Vedic Astrology. You need to be very careful while dealing with any legal process or matters, which might not favor you. Strong possibility of losses are also indicated related to Business. You need to be very careful on professional fronts as the matter may not favor you at times leading to delays in positive results. Check your...

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mars planet 2019

mars planet 2019 by astrologer abhishek soni  The commander in chief planet among all the planets in Vedic JyotishAs per jyotish, this is not the own house of Mars but, it is exalted in the Capricorn which is the 10th Sign as per Vedic Astrology. Any planet which is said to be exalted means it will be more powerful and will come up with more strength delivering its positive or negative results based on natal birth chart or Horoscope.mars planet 2019 by astrologer abhishek soniTherefore Mars will park itself for six months in Capricorn where Ketu is already present....

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