Chandra Grahan 2023: Everything You Need to Know According to Drik Panchang

Chandra Grahan, also known as a lunar eclipse, is one of the most fascinating celestial events that occur when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow on the Moon. This astronomical phenomenon is observed from different parts of the world, and the next Chandra Grahan is expected to occur on March 14, 2023.

According to Drik Panchang, a reliable source of Hindu astrological information, the Chandra Grahan in 2023 will be visible from the Indian subcontinent, South-East Asia, Australia, and parts of the Pacific Ocean. The eclipse will occur during the night time in these regions, and the duration of the eclipse is expected to be around 3 hours and 28 minutes.

The Chandra Grahan in 2023 will be a total lunar eclipse, which means that the Earth’s shadow will completely cover the Moon, making it appear reddish-brown in color. This phenomenon is often referred to as a Blood Moon, and it occurs due to the scattering of sunlight by the Earth’s atmosphere.

The eclipse will start at around 11:18 PM Indian Standard Time (IST) on March 14, 2023, and will reach its maximum at around 1:17 AM IST on March 15, 2023. The eclipse will end at around 2:27 AM IST on March 15, 2023.

In Hinduism, Chandra Grahan is considered to be a significant event, and there are various beliefs and customs associated with it. Many people believe that it is a time for introspection, meditation, and spiritual practices. It is also believed that taking a dip in holy rivers or performing charity during the eclipse can help one overcome negative energies and obstacles.

However, it is also believed that pregnant women should take precautions during the eclipse as it is believed to have harmful effects on the unborn child. Pregnant women are advised to stay indoors, avoid eating or drinking anything, and not engage in any physical activity during the eclipse.

In conclusion, the Chandra Grahan in 2023 is expected to be a remarkable celestial event that will be visible from different parts of the world. While there are various beliefs and customs associated with the eclipse, it is essential to follow the safety precautions and enjoy the beauty of this astronomical phenomenon.

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