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Employee and Employer are the two important concept which go hand in hand in terms of any successful corporate scenario.  It is rightly said, employees do not leave their companies but leave their managers or bosses.

In fact choosing right employees for right job or right skill set is very important for any corporate to grow in terms of financially or all round prosperity. People choose their right boss and not the company.

Even sometimes if any corporate hires or chooses very right skill set for any job, still they have to face hardships in long run in terms of employee satisfaction. Employees even leave the company in fact having good pay scale structure.

Corporate Astrology very much deals with conditions and all those factors which is used to determine the   employee hardship, loyalty and honesty, which is mere cannot be determined by the simple faith or by observation in any interview or just by looking into any resume or biodata.

Corporate Astrology  helps to determine in-depth astrological analysis   of person by reading all horoscope details such as matching talent, skills, nature and attitude towards work.

Astrological analysis or advice can surely help both employer and employee in any corporate in the following ways:

  1. To select right person for right job
  2. To know in dept analysis of employer and employer rapport in long run or in future.
  3. To know how to retain best employees and how to improve underperforming employees
  4. To correctly utilize right skill set for right job
  5. How conflicts or bad interests can be avoided within corporate and employee groups.
  6. To determine right time to hire  people
Astrologer in India in 2020 -Astrologer abhishek soni

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