Experiencing the Solar Eclipse 2023 in Exmouth: A Guide

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The total solar eclipse is one of the most fascinating celestial events, and the next one is set to occur on April 8th, 2024. However, if you are in Australia, you can experience a partial solar eclipse on November 25th, 2023. Exmouth, a small town located in Western Australia, is one of the best places to witness this celestial event. Here is a guide to experiencing the solar eclipse in Exmouth.

Plan Ahead

Experiencing a solar eclipse requires proper planning, and Exmouth is no exception. You need to book your accommodation, transport, and other essential services in advance since the town will be swarmed with visitors.

If you are planning to watch the eclipse from a specific location, make sure to arrive early and secure a spot. Also, bring along a pair of eclipse glasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

Where to Watch the Eclipse

Exmouth offers several fantastic locations to witness the partial solar eclipse. The most popular spots include:

Turquoise Bay: This stunning beach is famous for its crystal-clear waters and coral reefs. It’s an ideal place to watch the eclipse while enjoying the scenic beauty of the bay.

Cape Range National Park: This national park offers a variety of viewing locations, including the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, Charles Knife Canyon, and Yardie Creek Gorge. You can also join a guided tour to learn more about the park’s flora and fauna.

Town Beach: This is another popular spot to watch the eclipse. It offers an unobstructed view of the horizon and plenty of space for visitors to set up their viewing equipment.

What to Expect

The partial solar eclipse in Exmouth will begin at around 4:30 pm and end at 7:00 pm. During this time, the moon will block a portion of the sun’s disk, leaving a crescent-shaped sun visible in the sky. The maximum eclipse will occur at around 5:45 pm, where the sun will be about 50% covered.

During the eclipse, you will experience a drop in temperature, and the sky will become darker. You may also notice changes in the behavior of animals, such as birds going silent or bats coming out of their roosts.

Final Thoughts

Experiencing a solar eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and Exmouth is an ideal location to witness it. However, it’s crucial to plan ahead to ensure you have a memorable and safe experience. Remember to bring along your eclipse glasses, camera, and other essential equipment to capture this incredible celestial event.

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