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Are you curious to know about your weekly horoscope?  Welcome to our weekly horoscope section. Your weekly horoscopes comprises all your crucial activities depending upon the planetary positions and moreover how it impacts your life.


Are you not socially active these days? It is more important for you to be more social than spending time alone. Money save is money earned, therefore your check your spending habits. Your family life seems smooth, but maintain cordial relations with your partner. Income gains will further boost your confidence.


Are good ideas rocking in your mind?  People will respect your thoughts and ideas. You will find yourself more energetic in your work areas in terms of productivity and creativity. Stay away from overeating or food luxury at times.


Creature of mind by nature, you need to present your thoughts and ideas at suitable time. Your ideas will be boost and it will rewarded in all time. This week you will meet partner of similar nature and you will be successful in attracting good things in short period with less effort.


Do you believe in success or failures?  All the best to you this week as your all hard work and lady luck will shine and smile upon you very soon. You will be much busy this week and will try to manage your social calendar. Growth and achievements are keywords for you this week.


Are you worrying much about your future? Just relax and do your routine and avoid to fix up more. Problems are the part of life, just to relive them you should mediate, do exercise   and go for holiday. You should take care of your health during this period. Family and friends will surely expect you to revolve around them.


How are you tapping your relationships? Of course stress is not your friend this week. You are about to experience misunderstanding happenings all round you and need you need to take care to avoid the same.  Try to spent time with your near and dear ones.


You are the perfect balancer in your life and this will certainly help you prioritize your important things in life. The week will be perfect blend for you in terms of finance, prosperity and competitive work environment.  The ball of time will favor you and you will find yourself all time high and creative.


This week you will enjoy most popularity in your every circle whether family or professional. Your fortune will not disappoint you in terms of finance, career, health and relations. Check your important decisions before finalizing and you can look forward for senior and expert advice.


Guru mantra for you this week is hard work with luck to taste the success .Stick to this formula as health wealth and prosperity are on cards stored for you this week. Past actions completed will be of great advantage.  Strong romantic relationship seems booming this period.


As you are ruled by Saturn, lots of worry and misfortune seems to resolve around during this week. If you are a manager then ready to face music from your co-workers. Check your health progress report and try be calm as much as possible on all fronts.


Great period, Great week and you can look much forward for financially great period. Strong romance seems to bloom in your life. It seems fate will be automatically taking care of your all desires and activities during this week.


You are a great thinker and creative in terms of every aspects of your life. But things are not revolving as per the mindset when it comes to actual results. Your emotions will keep your moral high this week. All your dreams will be reality. Keep yourself on track and tap your goals to reap excellent rewards.

Astrologer in India in 2020 -Astrologer abhishek soni

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