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Horoscope Matching

The task before an astrologer is to satisfy himself that he has correct charts based on the date, time and place of birth which the customer has supplied before focusing on matching of horoscopes. He must determine a computer or weather the charts have been cast with an ephemeris or panchanga once he has these. Sometimes the two parties manipulate charts to avoid afflictions. Additionally, it is found that whenever the birth occurs following 12’o clock in the night, the birth date is recorded as the subsequent day following the British method. But day’s reckoning is to sunrise. This creates lot of issues and the chart could be wrong. Horoscope Matching

It’s best to determine the correctness of the bride and the groom’s horoscopes after which proceed and after getting the information. So as to avoid the dosham attached to 18, the nakshatras, Sometimes, are given wrong. After discovering the above, the astrologer should proceed into the horoscope matching – The most points to be considered are: 1. The suitability of the stars, i.e. Constellations – 2. Lagna’s rankings and rashis in both – 3. The longevity of the bride and groom – 4. The larger strength of the seventh and eighth houses – 5. The strength of that the putra bhava – But as per observation, it’s been noted which the strength of the 2nd, 4th, sixth, ninth and twelfth houses would be also into be seen as these too have an impact on happy married life.  Horoscope Matching

2nd house represents Kutumba sthana i.e. Family along with financial stability, 4th house represents general happiness along with relation with in-laws, sixth rogasthana, i.e. Health, ninth bhagyasthana and the twelfth bed comforts.

It’s been found from experience that there’s the difference in birth times for all those born in maternity homes, government hospitals and this has to be cautiously checked out as that the Lagna and that the 10th house doesn’t match.

These days that the caesarean operations are becoming that the order of that the day. Many people resort into these births into having that the arrival of their offspring under an auspicious constellation.

Horoscope Matching

Therefore the casting of the horoscope needs to be done very cautiously, and this could be done only by an experienced astrologer.

First, ascertain all this and obtain a correct chart.

And, only following considering the respective strengths of the houses above, can one start that the consideration of that the 10 porutham or kutas. Some astrologers just consider this along with giving their opinion. This isn’t a correct approach. Only after considering the above things must that the jathaka porutham be taken up to get that the big picture.

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