How disruptive is retrograde Jupiter as per Vedic astrology?

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When Jupiter is retrograde, one in a natal graph or in the sky, it shows the right to follow on our principles, and convert our teachers and their teachings until they follow those principles. Jupiter brings a feeling of hope, meaning and desire into our life. Most of us participate this in the form of our religion, or what we accept in our belief system. Afterall Jupiter is retrograde about one-third of the time, it shows the right for us to follow on our teachers and our sense of desire about one-third of the time. The alternative two-thirds of the time we should be following those teachings with as much attachment and target as possible.

Related all retrograde planets, Jupiter retrograde can show some interruption, as the outer manifestation of the planet is interrupted. In this case, with Jupiter, we may hesitate our teachers and our faith for a certain period of time. That is a great motivation for more meditation and carrying judgment to emerge. However, generally, when we are in doubt, we interpreted that as “bad”. When in case, it can just be a time of greater personal consideration, which is not bad at all, but mandatory. Especially in a natal graph, Jupiter retrograde will show disruption to the living things it generates (teachers and children) and also based on the houses it rules from the ascendant.

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