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According to Hindu calendar or panchang planetary transits or positions whichis also known as Grah Chal or Grah Gochar as per vedic Astrology, is the movement of nine planets in the universe.

The transition of planets means if particular planet among the nine planet changes its house in terms of direction (straight or retrograde or reverse motion) at particular event or time in one or more zodiac sign.

Any planetary changes has its own positive or negative impact depending upon the houses in Horsocope and zodiac signs or directly depending upon native’s natal chart.

The result or impact could be positive or even negative depending upon the dasha, mahadasha and antardasha as per vedic Astrology for all the 12 zodiac signs.

As per vedic panchang following are the important Planetary Transits in 2018

Mars Transits 2018

Date and Time Horoscope Sign
17th January 2018  6:00 AM Mars enters Scorpio
07th March 2018  18:55 PM Mars enters Sagittarius
02nd May 2018 16:50 PM Mars enters Capricorn
06th November 2018 08:50 AM Mars enters Aquarius
23rd December 2018 13:01: PM Mars enters Pisces

Jupiter Transits 2018

Date and Time Horoscope Sign
11th October 2018 20:39 PM Jupiter enters Scorpio

Saturn Transits 2018

At present Saturn is in Sagittarius sign and there is no transit for the same in 2018.

Rahu and Ketu Transits 2018  

At present Rahu is in Cancer and Ketu is in Capricorn sign and there is no transit for the both in 2018.

Mercury Transits 2018  

Date and Time Horoscope Sign
6th January 2018 19:58 PM Mercury enters Sagittarius
28 the January 2018 01:13 AM Mercury enters Capricorn
15th February 2018 03: 32 AM Mercury enters Aquairus
03rd March 2018 06:55 AM Mercury enters Pisces
09th  May 2018 17:39 PM Mercury enters Aries
27th May 2018 08:28 AM Mercury enters Taurus
10th June 2018 07:39 AM Mercury enters Gemini
25th June 2018 18:01 PM Mercury enters Cancer
2nd September 2018 19:58 PM Mercury enters Leo
19th September 2018 04:19 PM Mercury enters Virgo
6th October 2018 12:55 PM Mercury enters Libra
26th October 2018 20:45 PM Mercury enters Scorpio

 Venus Transits 2018

Date and Time Horoscope Sign
13th January  2018 15:01 PM Venus enters Capricorn
6th February 2018  12:11 PM Venus enters Aquairus
2nd March 2018 11:54 AM Venus enters Pisces
26th March 2018 15:43 PM Venus enters Aries
20th April 2018 02:11 AM Venus  enters Taurus
14 May 2018 21:01 PM Venus  enters Gemini
9th June 2018 02:47 AM Venus  enters Cancer
5th July 2018 02:39 AM Venus  enters Leo
1st August 2018 12: 39 PM Venus  enters Virgo
1st  September 2018  23:50 PM Venus  enters Libra



Astrologer in India in 2020 -Astrologer abhishek soni

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