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The fundamentals of Astrology is the actual starting point where we have to understand the significance of 12 houses in vedic Astrology and their each significant characteristics.All planets in universe have their own significance identity bestowed by nature through the earth gravitational forces.

As discussed in our earlier articles the 360 degree of zodiac equally divides among 12 zodiac signs into 30 degree each which is called as Zodiac Sign.The starting sign is Aries or Mesh till the ending sign Pisces or Meen in the Vedic Astrology. Each zodiac sign is denoted by it lord planet or owner. jyotish janam kundali

Results of planets depend upon how well the planets are placed in the respective houses at the time of native’s birth in natal chart. jyotish janam kundali

All the respective 12 houses (also called as bhavas) are considered good, bad or neutral depending upon their positions in the birth chart.  Therefore every house in the Vedic astrology defines its own meaning and governs the particular or important part of native’s life. jyotish janam kundali

House Number Significance of each bhava or House
1 House that rules or governs natives hair, brain, head, success, mental health, thinking power, status, birth place and so on
2 House of wealth, family members, eyes, education, face mouth, house hold articles
3 House of siblings, Neighbors, courage, hobbies, valor, neck, writing, computers
4 House of motherland, mother, emotions, happiness, luxuries, school, chest, lungs
5 House of past life karma, gambling, stomach, liver, heart, memory, stock market
6 House of enemies, injuries, sickness, agony, lower back, lower waist, kidney
7 House of relationships, business, partnerships, legal contracts, sexual organs, marriage, foreign travel
8 House of transformation,  obstacle, hardship, serious accident ,death, drugs, smoking, chronic diseases, deep research, hidden things
9 House of guru,boss,father,employer,luck,education,blessings,wealth,spirituality
10 House of career ,job, status, honor, powerful position, middle portion of legs
11 House of gains, income, rewards, promotions, goals, long term desires, elder siblings ,friends, recovery from disease,
12 House of loss, sleep related problems, moksha, long distance travel, hidden enemies


Astrologer in India in 2020 -Astrologer abhishek soni

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