ketu in 7th house

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What you need to do is look at the 1st residence. 7th house is an essential house of wealth. If it is retrograde so it will be heard to get a suitable partner after a lot of searches etc.. For example, you may find you’ve a Gemini 7th House.

An awful Ketu cannot be good for the affairs of the father. Ketu in 6th home is considered debilitated. Ketu in 9th home is thought of as exalted. Ketu in the 7th house usually signals that the spouse, may be a challenging person with some problems and relationships are extremely strained. Ketu in 2nd house represents that an individual is a lousy speaker. Ketu in the 9th house results in birth of several children. Ketu in the 4th home is deemed inauspicious.

To help you figure out whether your 7th House will have a tendency to have the negative influence mentioned previously, check in the subsequent chart. Despite the fact that the fourth house is connected with the home, it’s an angular, cardinal house that stirs up activity. North facing house will offer bad outcomes.

Seventh lord is connected with the gulika. So therefore my 7th lord is put in the 9th home. In the event the lord of the seventh house is strong, he’ll lead a joyful life.

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ketu in 7th house
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