Know the Impact of Moon (Chandra) in different Houses as Per Vedic Astrology

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Let us try to study the impact of Moon in Different Houses as Per Vedic Astrology

House as Per Vedic AstrologyImpact /Effects of Moon According to Placements in Birth Chart
Result of Moon in 1st House of Birth ChartFirst house is very important as it denotes native’s personality. Moon Placed in this house (lagna) the native will be strong and will have long life with attractive personality. But same way person will be highly sensitive in thoughts and weakly placed Moon will surely result health problems related to stomach and financial crises and will impact relation with its mother. Moon placed with any malefic planet like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu will produce negative results
Result of Moon in 2nd House of Birth ChartMoon present in this house denotes pleasant personality, Knowledgeable person and very good in communication. Financially instable in case of weak moon and their emotions are not stable or secured during the same period. Such personalities bend much towards money making and weak moon may result income through unlawful or corrupt sources.
Result of Moon in 3rd House of Birth ChartDenotes the house of communication and strong Moon will make the native as outspoken personality in professional and social circle. They will see as high profile in Marketing and BPO areas to attract sales and customers with their words. Social network will be strong. But weak moon placement will result hindering relations with others and even will impact mother’s health badly.
Result of Moon in 4th House of Birth ChartThis is the house of Moon where it feels much comfortable in delivering positive results to the natives. The person will be very caring towards family thus maintaining strong relations in very front. Same way it will enjoy good comforts, friend circle and support and good wealth. Person will be high in reputation in society.
Result of Moon in  5th  House of Birth ChartPerson will be romantic and very much dedicated or loving towards its children. Placement of Moon in this house denotes pleasure and emotional expressions. As this is the house of knowledge and learning, person will seek higher education, but if Moon is weakly placed will deprive the native with above mentioned results leading into depression.
Result of Moon in 6th House of Birth ChartThis is the house of enemies and service to others. So if Moon placement is not good or weak then certainly it results strain relations with family and particular with mother. You need to be careful while dealing with your co-workers. Fluctuations  in health and mood swings are foreseen if Moon combines or aspect with malefic planets like  Saturn or Ketu or Rahu and impacts decision making abilities
Result of Moon in 7th House of Birth ChartSeventh house represent spouse, partners and open enemies. Moon placed in this house in good position will bestow native with sensitive partners in life and in business. More worry on mother front as she will be more caring and will be sensitive. All your feelings will suffer negative impact from your near and dear ones if closely attracted. More than one marriage is foreseen. Native should control their mood swings and act logic ally while making important decisions.
Result of Moon in 8th House of Birth Chart


Any planet placed in this house is not considered auspicious as the house represents death, miseries, sorrow and debts. Placement of gentle planet like Moon is surely not favourable and native will always remain in depression and inability to make important decisions in life. Native will be jealous and will be more interested in occult science. But financial gains are indicated through marriage or partnership.
Result of Moon in  9th House of Birth ChartHouse deals with fortune, destiny and religion. Moon placed here will certainly result native to believe in spirituality and great supporter of any religion or any religious activities. Person will be wealthy and very knowledge oriented as this house belongs to Jupiter. But same time weak moon may result the native to practice black magic or superstition.
Result of Moon in 10th  House of Birth ChartPlacement of Moon in karmic and profession house is very good. No doubt person will be attracted towards his job as die heart and will do everything to gain attraction and popularity.  Strongly placed Moon will surely result native to focus more on professional front than personal or family front. Weak Moon may result no satisfaction in job and you will not be able to control your emotions.
Result of Moon in 11th  House of Birth ChartThe house represents gains, friend’s circles and desires, so Moon Placed in this house is favourable sign and results direct gains from friend circle and helps in developing new relations. Native will be attracted more towards opposite sex and your will feel much comfortable and secured. Weakly placed Moon may result native deprive of above all mentioned and results bad friend circle.
Result of Moon in 12th  House of Birth ChartMoon placed in this house delivers mixed result sometimes bad or even sometimes good. This is house of salvation or separation, therefore native is very talented and intelligent personality mostly a scholar or writer having very unknown talents.  The past deeds or any lost due to emotion will be overcome in this house. But in case of malefic impact on Moon or its transit, it causes mental pain or depression.


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