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Leo Horoscope In this 5th of a 12 part series on horoscopes,” we will look at the second of what’s named the summer signals, Leo the Lion. individuals who’re born between July 23 and August 22 will be Leo. Their part is fire, their characteristic is Fixed, their ability is Yang, their ruler is the Sun, their colour is gold, their jewel is Ruby, their primary anatomical parts are the back, vertebral column and heart, their keywords are willpower, imagination and expressing the heart, their Tarot lawsuit is Wands and their Tarot Major Arcana cards will be Power and The Sun. Nero, Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger, Madonna, Woody Harrelson. Leo Horoscope

Leo the Lion. The king of the castle, the forest and everything else. The practical joker. Leo can it be if ever there was a sign of security and assurance. There is an old riddle that goes enjoy this many Leos does it takes to screw in a light bulb? Leo Horoscope

The response, a hallelujah chorus while she does it. Yes, Leos invented the word self-assurance. They’re ruled through the sun plus they bask in the spotlight. They’re bold very striking, creative and strong. No sign may find a room filled with people like Leo’s attention. Not just that, they’re a ton of fun to be around. Leo Horoscope

Leos have good senses of humour and are really practical jokers. A Leo invented the joy buzzer and the cushion. It is challenging to find a Leo who laughs and does not laugh except of course when they’re locked in conflict. If which should occur, which is very possible even in the center of a big party, clear also the room. This one won’t cease until just one is left standing. Due to also the nature of also the Leo being a leader, they’re frequently encompassed by a couple of yes men. They like it this way. Do not ever question Leo’s authority. Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope in details

That is why, with regards to love, the Leo needs someone who’s going to worship also the ground they walk on. They expect to be served and well cared for plus side of this is that Leos will be very loyal. The plus side of this is that Leos will be very loyal. If you’re good to them plus they expect adoration, they give plenty of it in return. So although they expect adoration, they give plenty of it in return. Find a Leo working in a. They’ll usually pick a career which will let them shine. So you will not find a Leo working in a post office. More likely, you will find him in the board room. The bigger also the better as far as they’re concerned.Leo Horoscope

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