Mars in 2nd house with mercury you’re optimistic, tolerant, broad-minded, considerate and possibly slightly fanatical. Influencing the house in any fashion, the person will have the ability to reap the advantages of his previous birth to the full extent in the current delivery. In case you have mars in the 2nd House, you can be financially profitable. You have mars in the 12th House, and you tend to be philanthropic and have great faith later on. In case you have mercury in the 8th House, you’re optimistic, and you’ve got faith in your fellow man. The only thing people with a planet in a ninth house have to be mindful of, however, is leaving your family and friends behind as you’re off traveling the world.planets
Your partner could be a foreign individual or someone from a different background. You may believe that you desire a partner that will help you develop your moral outlook and social conscience. You’re attracted to a partner with a feeling of adventure.planets
You have to accept your responsibilities; otherwise, life is going to be a succession of setbacks and failures.

You believe you’re restricted from living a normal life, perhaps because you think you’re different from others in some manner. Your love life is essential to you, and you feel a lack when you have zero partners in your life.planets

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