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moonrise today the 11th house in one’s chart shows one’s hopes, expectations, and willingness to be content by wish fulfilment. It implies benefits through one’s current Karmas birth.
It is also known as the “Great Fortune Home.” The 11th House also means-friendships, older siblings, recovery from sickness, husband’s upliftment, mother’s resilience, spiritual accomplishments, financial benefits.


Moon’s presence in the 11th House will make a highly learned person and will possess worthy qualities of praise. It will let the wealth flow without much effort, too. Mars Alliance with Lord of the 11th House will make a native famous. When strong Mercury occupies the 11th house of a person’s Birth Map, good deeds will make him rich. moonrise today

It is based on emotion and there is warmth in groups. When a moon of the eleventh house gives a speech or spreads its social message it has a cautious tone to it. Such chart holders often use the subjective essence of the moon for the artistic expression of their views. A high level of comfort in group leadership positions puts people at ease and sets people in faith.


Severe and excessively organized forms of Saturn make it difficult to enter the eleventh house unless the party or company at hand is severe and structured too. Saturn is doing exceptionally well when that is the case. Saturn is ideal for institutions like schools and businesses where there are plenty of laws. The world is fond of order and a given action plan. moon rise today

They are static and rigid not knowing the flow of crowd dynamics.they are uncomfortable and inefficient people who often end up totally avoiding group. Saturn chooses deeply committed friends with a few individuals instead of noisy groups. moonrise today

The 11th House is our overall perspective of friendship and our ability to tackle via social situations and establish acquaintance styles of friendship. Gains a power to influence societies through social networking.

Shani Dev is the Planet of fame and glory. His worship gives a person freedom from sufferings. Lord Shani Dev gives fruits according to the deeds of the devotees. The life of a devotee who comes to his shelter. moonrise today

Lord Shani does proper justice to every creature by creating balance in nature. Those who give shelter to unfair asymmetry and unnatural parity, Lord Shani only punishes them. Said that Lord Shani enhances the fate of the devotees who worship faithfully. Also, by motivating people to follow the path of religion, they lead the person towards penance and samadhi

Lord Shani Dev is considered to be the ultimate judge and ultimate benefactor of life. In order to make their worship successful, Lord Shani Dev becomes extremely compassionate and inspires him to meditate in future lives. moon rise today

To appease Shani Dev, one should offer oil on the idol of Shani Dev on Saturday. It is said that Lord Shani is pleased with this.

Shanidev is soon pleased with those who help the poor. Apart from this, it is said that Shani Dev is always angry with drug addicts and those who cheat on others. Therefore, always be honest and do not cheat anyone. moonrise today

It is also said that Shani Dev is pleased with the worship of Hanuman. Therefore keep worshipping Hanuman Ji. Offer Hanuman to Chola on Saturday.

Apart from this, it is also said that things made of iron, salt, black urad and oil should not be brought on Saturday. It is believed that doing so brings poverty to the house.

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