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Pisces and cancer

Pisces people don’t often make great friends because they are naturally quite quiet and quite introverted. While this can be a problem in certain social situations, it is not necessarily the case for everyone. Sometimes people are too anxious to be able to open up to another person that Pisces become quite guarded and don’t allow others to come close enough to feel comfortable about making a move. Pisces-and-cancer

People who are Pisces aren’t necessarily going to face their own personal problems with shyness, as the lack of it does not exist in their sign. This is not to say that they will never have problems, though. There is a sort of gentle shyness that is present in Pisces that makes it difficult for them to even make eye contact when they are around other people. They tend to only allow people in their world to be a part of their world, which leaves them feeling that they are alone. Pisces-and-cancer

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help a Pisces sign to come out of his shell and to begin to interact more fully with other people. First of all, Pisces tends to be quite shy, so if this describes you, you may want to work on being more outgoing. Being shy doesn’t mean that you can’t be outgoing, but if you are shy in social situations you need to find ways to get your body language to open up more so that people can actually talk to you. Pisces-and-cancer

You might find that when you let yourself come out of your shell and talk to people, your Pisces friend will reciprocate that openness. If you find that you do this well and that you both have a great friendship, then you have found a good friend with whom to make your own personal adjustments. You will be best to keep this person close and keep your life very self-sufficient, or at least don’t depend on your friend so much. If you find that you have a partner you can rely on, or that someone you are very close to, then that’s a good situation, and will be good for your Pisces friend. Pisces-and-cancer

It is also true that you can’t force a Pisces sign to become more outgoing. The sign is probably born that way and may never be able to change it. It would be a big change for a Pisces sign to try to get his or her hands on an opener and a few other tools that they don’t have. This is one of the challenges with Pisces: they are quite tied up in their personality.

It is also possible for Pisces to be very comfortable with their friends and to be able to simply be themselves without feeling the need to have to keep up appearances and people skills. If this describes you, then the Pisces sign is a good sign for you. Pisces-and-cancer

If you’re looking for a Pisces friend, then the best way to make one is to establish a regular routine where you see each other at the same time of day, perhaps together for dinner or lunch or to go to a movie. Plan something that brings you and your friend together and make it a very relaxing event. Also, plan outings that will allow you to meet other people in general. Pisces-and-cancer

By making sure that you spend time together, Pisces will soon begin to realize that they aren’t alone. They may feel that they have to pretend to be someone else just to fit in, but you can be that person for them. It will be up to you to be that person in order to bring your Pisces friend out of his shell.  Pisces-and-cancer


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