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Rahu Ketu In Transition Position :

A major transit will take place when the planet Rahu & Ketu reaches Gemini & Sagittarius Sign on 7 March 2019 and remains there until 23 September 2020, respectively. And this Rahu transit 2019 & Ketu transit 2019 looks very significant because, just like Saturn and Jupiter, Rahu-Ketu is a slow-moving planet that is, in fact, the second slowest of all planets and can easily complicate our lives.

Rahu-Ketu Transit time takes place once in 18 months. It is assumed that the change would affect all the signs of the zodiac as well as the lives of the natives born under them.

Every 18 months, Rahu-Ketu changes the sign and obviously, this coming transit becomes very important for us all.

Rahu’s transit across the Kendra is always a remarkable event. When calculating Rahu’s influence, consideration must be given to degrees of the Ascendant in your chart and also that of Rahu. The effect of transiting Rahu is more acute around these degrees. For some reason, Rahu’s big-time rules for 18 years in the Vimshottari Dasha system. Ketu’s big-time rules only for seven years. Rahu will make you feel comfortable, contributing to some sort of casual approach to things and stuff. If you have Ketu in the fourth house, you may want to stay owing to a house or anything you want.

Rahu’s going to pass through Gemini. As a planet of exotics, Rahu will always prefer things that are out of the world, beyond culture and tradition, may make us give a false perception of the right things, may also enable us to give unrealistic pictures of scenarios, may make people filled with material desires and greed, may desire wealth, and may also be deceiving in the interests of achieving goals.

Nature Of Rahu : 

Rahu has an air affiliation that is very solid. Aircraft, aircraft, pilots, and space travel are all under his influence. Rahu may include one in areas of life considered quite dangerous by traditional society such as astrology, metaphysics, occultism, witchcraft, ritual, skin diseases, executions, and epidemics. Rahu also tends to drive to places where there are frustration and hidden desire.

It is known that the Seagull or Gull is an aspect of Rahu.

Nature Of Ketu :

Ketu is also associated with comets and is known to be exceedingly cruel and malevolent, like its associate Rahu. Although it is very difficult to interpret Ketu, the fundamental theme seems to be release and transformation. More specifically, Ketu points to an individual’s past life karma by placing it in the chart.

Ketu is synonymous with broken ties, shifting events and incidents in Indian Astrology. In the modern era, computing was also brought under his control.

Rahu and Ketu, according to the concepts of Vedic Astrology, are regarded since two significant planets. But they don’t exist astronomically. Since Rahu and Ketu are believed to have a strong impact on our lives, they are denoted as mathematical points in Vedic Astrology, when making calculations.

It is observed that a positive Ketu usually produces good results and a malevolent Ketu generates many life obstacles.

Here are some of the treatments that will help you cope with Rahu-Ketu transit’s malevolent and ill-effects. The influence of Rahu Dasha and Ketu Dasha can also be removed by these steps:

  • Respect your grandfather, make him happy and seek blessings to keep your Rahu optimistic.
  • Never keep an electronic item that does not work and watch at home.
  • Hold your main gate smooth and tidy, try yourself to wipe the gates, make proper lighting, hang up something beautiful artificial toran at the entrance.
  • Distribute Udad dal, black coconut or chana, Saturday and Wednesday black clothes.
  • Fasting on Saturdays, quick refrain from taking any form of salt will help reduce the planet Rahu’s ill effects.
  • Worship for the pleasing god Rahu Bhairava or Lord Shiva.
  • The person must feed a black dog or hold a black dog like a pet.
  • The native must give the poor and needy people blue and black-coloured clothes and blankets, edible oil, and black sesame seeds. The contributions should be made on Saturday and Wednesday to get the maximum benefit.

Observing Remedies Benefits:

  • Better financial position.
  • Protection against negative energies and causes.
  • Relief from barriers and challenges in the career path.
  • Native people have the best direction in life.
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