Retrograde Saturn (Shani) in Sagittarius – Know the Impact on all 12 Zodiac Signs

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Let us try to closely study the impact of Retrograde Saturn (Shani)  in Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) the  on 12 different zodiac signs  and what you should really need to care about.


The following transition happens to be in your ninth house as per Vedic Astrology. You need to be very careful while dealing with any legal process or matters, which might not favor you. Strong possibility of losses are also indicated related to Business. You need to be very careful on professional fronts as the matter may not favor you at times leading to delays in positive results. Check your financial spending’s as it will disturb your budget balance in some cases. Income sources might be impacted during this transition as it will slow down the sources. Avoid any verbal conflict in professional fronts.


The following transition happens to be in your eighth house as per Vedic Astrology. Natives born under Taurus ascendant or Taurus zodiac sign should have to really take care about their health. Any travel related activities professional or business fronts will not bear any results.  A reason for all successful entrepreneurs, a concern as Shani means  Go slow Go slow, thus resulting non profits or only marginal profits on all business fronts. Need urgent check on health, family relations and children’s education. Beware of any defamation or any kind of insult.  Avoid borrowing loans or lending money to anyone during this period.


For all Gemini ascendants and zodiac sign (Saturn) Shani Retrograde comes with some up and down results but not very actively. The influence of this transition will impact your Seventh House as per Vedic Astrology or Panchang. A word of caution for the matters related to your family and spouse as ego can be the cause of concern during all this period. Business people will have to face hard music in tuning up the profits and loss ratio where as you will lack interest in education or any knowledge gaining. Even partnership business will face hard time and they need to check their share distribution equally. Your religious activities will be admired, delay in marriage is forecasted. Have trust in your life partner and avoid multiple relations.


This Retrograde transition happens on sixth house for all the natives of Cancers. A conflict with your bosses on professional fronts with heavy work load is expected on the cards during this transition. The past things which you have neglected or underestimated will crawl up and will make the things harder to deal with the situations.  Check your debts very carefully. Family and personal relations will not have smooth ride. The transition shows positive results for those who are involved in legal battles and more accountable to work or business. The end of this transit will result more focused result for better your tomorrow.


The transition seems certainly challenging for all Leo natives as they have to be very careful on their business fronts as retrograde transition happens in fifth house as per vedic astrology. Apart from your daily life and routine, family life needs extra attention specifically health of children can be major cause of concern. A word of caution when it comes for any investment in business or even starting new ventures. Same way share market and gambling could only lead to bad results impacting your reputation in society as well. Planetary position seems not good in terms of love relationship as it might only result ignorance from others.


The following transition happens that is retrograde Saturn happens in your fourth house which directly deals with business and reputation in the society. Legal matters related to court or any government organization is foreseen which could certainly trouble in present planetary transition. Be careful while driving vehicles as strong possibility of accident is indicated.  Check your savings and expenditures to avoid any losses and your need to plan your spending very carefully. Unproductive travels are indicated which will yield no results. Family life needs to handle very carefully as ego clashes and differences in the opinions is foreseen with your spouse. Take good care of your mother and fathers health.


A reason for smile all Libra natives as this transition happens in their third house which is very auspicious for future and Saturn will definitely give fruitful results for their hard and smart work.  Your confidence and determination is the hall mark which will be admired and recognized by the others. If you are in any job profile, then it is sure win situation on all fronts as you will be praised and honor for your dedicated work. Your health seems to be good and your comfort level will be high. More than one source of income is indicated and any dealing on property fronts will bear positive results to your side. Be cautious about any opinions of difference between your family members.


Saturn retrogrades in your second house respect to zodiac sign which directly impacts your moral values, intelligence, and relationship with others and so on. You need check your priority and preference and how you could balance the same. All your important decisions should be taken with proper care and advice in right period of time as any haste will only result future losses. The last phase of your Sade Sati means last phase of your karmic exam, therefore any new project or any new investment in or purchase of any old property should be avoided during this period. People on professional fronts will have to face tough challenges and they will be deprive or any promotion or new assignment. Be very careful in any dealings as you may be targeted or implicated by false means.


Natives of all Sagittarius ascendants and zodiac signs need to be very careful as this transition retrograde Shani (Saturn) will be happening in their own house. As you are going through the peak phase of Sade Sati, the time period of this transition will be very challenging for you in all the fronts including family life, professional and even emotional. This is the period of slow down and delays which would result very low level of your moral interest. Expenditure will increase and you need to check your health card as it is not showing any health signs.  Avoid any unnecessary words with your family members and children should be more focused to avoid any failures in studies,


Saturn retrograde transition is happening in your 12 House which means you should really check your thought process and decisions making skills or your ideas which may put you on back foot. Check your business dealings and partnership, if not handled carefully will certainly result loss and frustrations. Your spending habits on unnecessary things can result short of cash and you really need to cope up the same. Avoid any investment planning or any gambling or share market, which will result only loss.


The following transition means Saturn retrogrades in your 11 house as per zodiac sign which is the house of income. Therefore you need to be very sure and should check and evaluate your personal goals in terms of future course of action. All will be well for all Aquarius ascendants as this transition is going to bring more desired results in business and professional fronts. Your health will be sound and your family and personal life will be on high spirits. On professional fronts, success is indicated with more responsibilities and assignments. Your status will increase in the society and you will be seen as respected personality. A word of caution to check your unnecessary spending.


For Pisces ascendants   and zodiac signs, Saturn (Shani) retrogrades in tenth house of zodiac sings which means you need to put urgent check on your expenditures and professional goals aspects. There should be balance between incomes gains and expenditures for better future planning as it can be the cause of concern in long run. If you are in business them you will be financially burdened with risks and losses. Family separation remains on card due to business or professional travelling reasons. Job change is not desirable in this transition due to limited opportunities. Therefore wait and watch is only the keyword Saturn moves direct.

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