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the moon tarot Readings using cards are comparable to those. The reader may use a deck of cards to determine things about this individual that’s having the reading. They may gain insight into the other people love life, a life that is financial, family life and even learn things. The differentiation between psychic readings with the readings as well as tarot utilizing cards is while tarot readers, therefore, are looking for answers to be offered via a sense they possess the card readers are searching from spirit guides and angels. The sessions conducted with cards are optimistic and inspirational than sessions performed as their information source.

The angels may be particular.e about issues you and need to address, but they’re generally focused on the aspects that are negative and are worried about the activities you have to take to improve things. The psychic put them out and will bless the cards until they begin to shuffle. The spreading of the cards is performed according to that individual prefers to read the cards. Many of these individuals could have a pre determined spread they lay out on the dining table using a number of cards. Others will begin to pull outside cards and lay them outside plus they don’t stop until they’re instructed to do so by one of these angels.  -the moon tarot

Some of those cards may need multiple meanings and the psychic may ask these angels to guide them in their selections so that they understand the cards correctly. The psychic will look at all these cards together and these separate cards and try to comprehend these meanings of these selections in relation to these questions you came to get answered. They’ll use their skill and also their connection to these angels to determine what answers you’ll receive. The angels are somewhat more gentle in the revealing of info that a deck of the tarot are, but the angels won’t avoid telling you something you don’t want to hear.  -the moon tarot

Tarot Card Meanings

You might want them to tell you that your relationship with your current lover is a good thing plus they might need to tell you that the relationship is in some way toxicity to you. You must be willing to keep an open mind and also listen to all of that the angels need to say to you. They’re attempting to be helpful to you plus they only have your best interest at heart. Be sure that you thank these angels for their messages until the session is over. -the moon tarot

The astrological tarot card: The Moon Tarot Card: Rising: An image of the moon is shown. The moon signifies openness and truth. She is symbolic of “living and love.” She represents the subconscious mind.

There are many interpretations for the Moon as it moves from below the throne to above it. She is called “The Lord of the Sky” and it shows that she rules our emotions. She rules our sexual desire. She rules the subconscious.

With her in the riding position, the questions of love, forgiveness, pain, sex, and jealousy are answered. She rules our planet of Venus (love and sex) and you are answerable to her. -the moon tarot

The Rising Moon means Love, forgiveness, and spiritual awakening. It is time to follow your instincts, to let go of the old, to be true to yourself, and to let go of what doesn’t serve you.

The Rising Moon is called “The Lady of the South” because she rules the astral planes and the subconscious. She is the goddess of desires and joy. She represents those things we wish for but cannot have, like love, freedom, and abundance. -the moon tarot

The card shows that you are becoming more of a free conscience. The astral realm will guide you, not the other way around. She is an extension of the subconscious.

The Falling Moon: This is the card: “a period of uncertainty or doubt.” With this card: “let go of the past.” You may feel overwhelmed by circumstances, not able to make up your mind about your future. Know that you are dreaming of a new beginning. Everything you think and do is leading you in that direction. -the moon tarot

The Falling Moon is called “The Lady of the West” because she rules the subconscious and the physical world. She rules our emotions, our appetites, and our sexuality. She rules all of our desires and wishes.

With her in the rose position, the question of friendship, forgiveness, sorrow, and beauty are answered. She is the goddess of your spirit and all your beauty. -the moon tarot

The Rising Moon: She is the goddess of our emotions, sexuality, and our dreams. She is the one God for us, who will guide us into the way of love and freedom.

With her in the rose position, the question of fate, feeling sorry for yourself, and sadness will be answered. She is the goddess of all feelings and expressions. She is your guide to the unconscious mind. -the moon tarot

The Falling Moon: She is the goddess of all depravity, darkness, and the unconscious. She is the same one God for us, who will guide us into the way of sin and unhappiness. She is for us “A period of insecurity or doubt.”


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