The Role and Importance of Saturn (Shani) – Lord of Karma in Vedic Astrology

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In Vedic Astrology or Jyotish Shastra Saturn is called as Shani which means slow mover also known as Sanichara. Among all portfolios of the planets, Saturn or Shani is bestowed the responsibility of karma or work in native’s life or in Horoscope.

Saturn or Shani Graha (in Sanskrit) is said to be the son of Surya (Sun) planet and Chaya represents his mother as per the ancient Vedic Shastra or Astrology.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and denoted as second biggest planet in the solar system. Lord Shani rules the Saturn Planet, who is considered as male deity in Puranas having handsome dark black personality, who is carrying a sword and sitting on buffalo.

The day associated with Saturn or Shani is Saturday or Shaniwar which rules the west direction.  Saturn is considered as the lord or swami of two zodiac signs namely Capricorn and Aquarius.

The Gemstone associated with Saturn is Neelam or Blue Sapphire. Natives should consult the expert Vedic Astrologer before wearing this precious gemstone.  Saturn is exalted in Libra zodiac sign and falls in Aries.

Its enemy planets include Sun, Moon and Mars whereas Venus, Mercury and Rahu are friends and Jupiter and Ketu are neutral to it.

As mentioned, Saturn or Shani is the karmic planet, which rules , longevity ,sorrow, miseries, death, court cases, responsibilities , ambition, poverty, authority ,wisdom, reality ,organization and hard work.

In Vedic Astrology Saturn is considered the Judge or Nyadish Devata (the god planet who judges the native on their karmic work and accordingly bestows the results, may be good or bad)

No one in the world can escape from Saturn or Shani when it comes to occupying significant position in Horoscope. Saturn stays 7.5 years and considered as slowest moving planet taking 2.5 years in each Rasi, which means it completes one cycle every 30 years.

At present Saturn or Shani is in Dhanu or Sagittarius sign, which is at its peak level.

Astrologer in India in 2020 -Astrologer abhishek soni

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