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Jupiter is also known by the names Guru and Brihaspati. This enormous planet plays an important role in human life. The planet is reportedly very spiritual. It represents devotion, worship, and prayer.

Guru is one of the most potent planets in a natal chart and is hostile to Venus. Jupiter is closely associated with children and wealth. This is why it is known as the symbol of children and wealth.

When Jupiter is powerful, the native is blessed with children, wealth, money, and spiritual success. However, Jupiter’s affliction can have negative effects on our lives. The native could be childless and impoverished. The individual may not receive respect and honour in the community.

Jupiter’s defining characteristics  top ten jupiter benefits in astrology

Jupiter generally has authority over the law. Jupiter is masculine, fiery, sanguine, optimistic, liberal, upbeat, profitable, and upright. It rules over Sagittarius, the ninth house of the zodiac sign, and Pisces, the twelfth house.

In the Muhurt Shastra, Thursday corresponds to Brihaspati. By nature, those born under the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces are devoted, moral, and spiritual. Since Jupiter is their ruling planet.

People born under the influence of Jupiter are dutiful, obedient, and honest, with a propensity for the common good.

The Jupiter in the space top ten jupiter benefits in astrology

The planet Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system and it is the 5th distant planet from the Sun. The diameter of the Jupiter is 142984 KM at its equator. This is a giant planet in the Universe that is filled with gases of different type and liquid objects. Jupiter does have its Moon like we have Moon for the earth. We have one Moon, while the Brihaspati has 11 moons on the heavenly body.

As it is large, bright and simmering planet, anyone can see in the sky at night. The planet Jupiter is flattened at the pole while it is round in shape. The rotation of the planet Jupiter is very fast and it rotates around its axis like the earth moves around its axis.

Mythological story behind the planet Jupiter

The Jupiter is meant to expel the darkness, nescience and it possesses great wisdom. Hence, it represents Dakshinamurthi God. It is also said that the planet Guru is the teacher of the deity and hence it has a divine power. In Sanskriti it is called ‘’Devguru’’. It is basically the symbol of WISDOM.

Jupiter is revered differently across different culture and religion. The Hindu people across the world call it Guru. While the Greek people name it as ‘ZEUS’. The people in Egypt revere it as ‘’Ammon’’. It is called ‘’Dhakshinamurthi’. The etymological meaning is Dakshin means South and Murthi means stone image. It means the God made of stone that faces South. It is particularly popular in the South Indian state in Tamil Nadu. Some people do tell it as Narayan.

Astrological significance of the Jupiter.

The planet Jupiter is one the most auspicious planets in the zodiac sign. It has great value in the Hindu predictive astrology. The planet is exalted in the Cancer zodiac sign while debilitated in Capricorn that is just in the opposite.

The planet Jupiter owns the Sagittarius and Pisces. When the planet Jupiter is strong enough that brings immense benefits like good health, personality, luxury, spirituality, power, position and authority etc.

The planet Jupiter makes native public representative. It brings phenomenal achievement in business, career, profession and matrimonial life etc. 

The planet Jupiter can also be malefic when it is debilitated, afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars and combust with Sun. The ill-placed Jupiter can make one poverty-stricken. As a rule, the Jupiterian is honest, dutiful, lovable and affectionate. The person belongs to Jupiter planet is often seen involved with social welfare and becomes the head of the temple and trust.

The auspicious Jupiter can make the native a good educator, teacher, treasurer, priest, social worker and it can make the person head of the spiritual organisation.

Dasha and Atardasha of Jupiter

The planet Jupiter rules the life of a native for 16 years as per the Vimshottari Dasha system. The period of 16 years can be both malefic or benefic depending upon the power and strength of the planet Jupiter. top ten jupiter benefits in astrology

If the planet Jupiter is exalted, own signed and placed in a friendly sign then it will definitely bring health, happiness, harmony, money, wealth, social status, intelligent and healthy kids and reputation as well. top ten jupiter benefits in astrology

However, the same Jupiter can be harmful when it is ill-placed in Capricorn or afflicted by malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Sun.

When the planet Guru conjoins with Rahu and Ketu that creates Guru Chandal yoga which devalues the power of Jupiter.

The Guru Chandal yoga is an extremely inauspicious yoga that brings bad result for the native. Despite best effort the planet Guru does not offer good result to the native if it is conjoined with Rahu and Ketu.

Conjuntion of the Jupiter with other planets and its result top ten jupiter benefits in astrology

The planet Jupiter brings result differently when it is conjoined with other planets such as Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

The planet Jupiter also creates Gajakeshari yoga when it is posited in Kendra from the Moon. The Gajakeshari yoga makes the native rich, powerful and it gives gift of eloquence. It makes the native a public speaker.

The conjunction of planet Jupiter with Sun can make the person well-behaved, soft spoken and high minded. This also makes the person genuine, honest and friendly. The friendship of this native lasts long.

The conjunction of the planet Jupiter with Moon makes the native noble minded and helpful. It also helps the native to become success in general.

The planetary conjunction of Jupiter with Mars makes the person active and become the head of the police department or defence.

The conjunction of Jupiter with Mercury makes the native intellectual, rich and research oriented. top ten jupiter benefits in astrology

The conjunction of Venus with Jupiter makes the person rich and prosperous, materially successful. The native never becomes poor when Venus conjoins with Jupiter.

The conjunction of planet Saturn with Jupiter makes the native highly successful in life. The person becomes rich and gets all kinds of worldly success. Despite Jupiter’s inimical attitude towards Venus, it brings auspicious result when conjoins with planet Venus.

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