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I can understand these are some of the million dollar queries arsing in your mind when you certainly go for constructing any house or office or even purchasing any land for future building construction. In my previous article I have mentioned what is Vastu and Vastu Shastra as sometimes it is not possible to fulfil or follow exact principles of Vastu Shastra, as even sometimes it is difficult under circumstance where you are very reluctant to follow the Vastu Shastra. However it is highly recommended that it should be followed as much as possible for smooth life and flow of positive natural cosmic energies. Vastu or Vastu Shastra significantly plays very important role in native life as most of the auspicious cosmic energy is missed if not really implemented and hinders successful growth professional and personal life. The principle architecture of land or any design layout of construction where you spent maximum time such as home, office, kitchen, bed room and so on certainly plays very crucial role in terms of negative and positive cosmic energy flowing in the environment and therefore its bad or good impacts on peace of our mind, emotions and even decision making. I am sure any such kind of negative energy flow or any blockage of positive cosmic energy flow or sometimes termed as faculty Vastu in your professional or personal areas can be corrected by keeping Fish Aquarium and Even Vastu Pyramids. Keeping Fish Aquariums in your offices, homes, schools or even shops helps to remove negative impact of cosmic energy flow or Vastu defect. The major benefit or main intention to keep Fish Aquarium signifies to avoid or block evil eye energies coming from any external sources into the home. The negative energy aspects will be nullified through the attractive colourful fishes.


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