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venus in 10th house venus is the factor of enjoyment, luxury, material pleasure, beauty, attraction and love. If there is any problem related to these in a person’s life, then it is possible that their Venus planet is in a bad state. By fixing Venus, you can get rid of many types of problems in life. A person is deprived of material pleasures when Venus is bad. Many times, despite having all the material comforts and resources in the house, a person is unable to consume them and continues to suffer from them.

Problems occur when Venus is not well  venus in 10th house

A person is deprived of sexual pleasure when Venus gets bad. His married life remains discordant and dissatisfied. It is not made in husband and wife. Venus of lovers and lovers is bad, then there is a constant lack of coordination between them and they break up soon. There is a lack of jewellery in a person’s life when Venus is not well. Such a person is unfortunate in terms of beauty. No person is attracted by it. That is, it does not affect anyone in one way.

There can be many reasons in the horoscope of the planet Venus. Whatever the reason may be, if some of these remedies are adopted, then all kinds of bad effects of Venus can be eliminated. venus in 10th house

Venus, when placed in 10th house, gives you a charming and enthusiastic personality. You turn to be a balanced and fascinating individual, which is why you gain a lot of scrutiny from people. You are liked and welcomed by everyone at work as well as in other areas of life. People commonly think of your benefit and don’t mind doing things for you. venus in 10th house

This, however, can constantly make you dependent and inattentive in mind. While you have the capacity to make people perform for you, you should be self-relying and not misuse this power. Your attitude towards life is positive; you turn to see the world from cheerful glasses. Your gentle, sociable and friendly behaviour helps you a lot in life. venus in 10th house

Venus in 10th house undergo a career in music, singing, and speaking. You may get to take advantage of your voice in a different way, most possibly to excite others. Your financial position is also likely to be balanced. Exaggerated. Travels to foreign lands. Happy and a man of potential. venus in 10th house

Venus place will help you to actually know your expedition of life itself so far. Researches have found out that the progress of a person is determined by Mind. It’s so much about the invisible mind, subconscious mind in us. If its Gemini ascendant, Jupiter rules 7TH & 10TH house seat in the 10th house in Pisces. This is an even better location as we go from Saggitarius to Pisces, i.e. from Religion to Spirituality and from knowledge to no knowledge. venus in 10th house

There are Devotional Gurus of our society who support people with their Devotional Guidance. With both locations of Jupiter, the person will have immense relations with father. These people are the greatest of knowledge/no knowledge. venus in 10th house 


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