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What is the effect if retrograded Saturn is placed in 7th house in Leo ascendant?

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When working certainly, retrograde Saturn fixed in the 7th house of a horoscope can thank the native with good results related to the circle of his life events. Accordingly, the natives enhance from this positive placement may experience good conclusions which may be different in type and quality depending on the type and courage of this beneficial placing, as well as depending on their overall horoscopes. Since the 7th house of a horoscope principally deals with marriage facet of the native, the existence of such beneficial consequence may especially demonstrate good for this sphere of a native’s life. Hence the natives under the issue of this beneficial influence may observe various types of good results through their marriages, depending on their comprehensive horoscopes.

When Saturn associate the seventh house, it aspects the ninth house through its third aspect. Harmful Planet Like Saturn directs the basic crucial energy of the individual towards religious fulfillment by frustrating the impulse towards enjoyment. Necessarily this is a very distressing experience but unless material appetite is restraining spirituality within a man can not bloom. As Saturn domination the house of ninth, it wants to increase the immateriality within you. So looking from this potential, it is a good placement for religious progress. Existence of the seventhhouse is not good for childbirth as well. travel as well. You will be very Disciplined, formulated and prudent. But if this Saturn is depressed and weak, it can create bitterness with a Business Partner.

Sun is the dominant planet of Leo and it shares a harmful relationship with Saturn. Sun is a ball of vigor, and when Saturn, an uncluttered harmful planet sits in Sun’s intense sign Leo, it naturally fans the blaze. Due to this adverse relationship between Sun and Saturn, the native-born under Saturn in Leo has a lot of contrary in their personality. Sun performs father and authority, and when Saturn is fixed in Leo, it causes issues in the relationship of the native with his or her father or dependable figure. Such people like to live in isolation, much like a lion. They want to live like an adventurer, free and undisturbed.

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